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By Ivana Cavallo / 03-11-2021

The Benefits of Using SIP Panels to Build a Garden Room

When building the framework of a garden room, we trust SIP panels more than any other building material. Here are 5 reasons why…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 02-08-2021

How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add to Your Property?

Will a garden room add to the value of a property when listing your home on the market? We talk to Marc Cox, a property expert, on just how much value a garden room could add to your property and whether it is a cost or an investment. See how our chat with him went here…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 27-07-2021

5 Benefits of Having Your Very Own Garden Gym

If you are into fitness, a personal home gym is one of the best uses for your garden room. In this article, we look at five big benefits that you can achieve with a garden gym…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 30-06-2021

What Affects the Cost of a Garden Room?

We often get asked, “how much do you charge for a garden room?”. It’s a perfectly valid question. However, many elements make it hard to answer that question straight away. Read more to find out…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 16-04-2021

20 Amazing Garden Office Ideas to Inspire You

We are living in an age where many businesses are taking their products and services online. Where e-commerce and online shopping is rising in popularity, working from home is also seeing a rise. Having your very own garden office is the best way to work from home, and here are 20 reasons why…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 09-04-2021

Unique Garden Office by the Pond – A Case Study

Whether you just started thinking about the possibility of having a garden room, or you want us to build your garden room, start your journey here.

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By Ivana Cavallo / 09-04-2021

How to avoid condensation in your garden room

From time to time we are asked how to deal with condensation in your garden room. Water vapour is invisible until we see it condense, often on window surfaces around the home. What is condensation, where does it come from and how can you stop it from forming? Let’s find out…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 18-03-2021

Connecting your amazing garden room to electricity

Electricity is mysterious. Not many people understand it, even more people are afraid of it, but we all use it and almost forget about it, until something goes wrong. Among many other garden room companies we are one of the few who will look after the electrical connection between your new, amazing garden room and your house…

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