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Author: Ivana Cavallo

By Ivana Cavallo / 17-01-2020

What will my bespoke garden room look like?

Garden rooms are a great addition to each garden. They are not only practical, but also beautiful to look at, especially when well designed…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 24-10-2019

Difference between planning permission and building control

Talking to our clients we realised that often people confuse planning permission with building control, sometime thinking they are the same thing. In this small article I will explain what each of them is and when they are needed.

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By Ivana Cavallo / 10-06-2019

Cladding options for your bespoke garden office or summer house

When we’re dreaming of our garden office or summer house, we start by thinking of its use. We start to imagine ourselves sitting or working surrounded by all the creature comforts we need and looking out onto our beautiful garden. When we think of walking towards it…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 26-02-2019

Garden office and summer house foundations: The screw piling system

A very important part of building a garden room, no matter if a garden office, a summer house or simply a small storage room, is to make sure that the foundation is solid, strong and long lasting.

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By Ivana Cavallo / 12-02-2019

5 benefits of garden office over renting

As office rental prices go up and more businesses reach their audiences via the Internet, company owners are starting to save money by running the show from their home. We feel that a garden office pod is…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 15-08-2018

Ideas for baby friendly garden rooms

Recently, I welcomed a new life into my family and it got me thinking about how garden rooms from us and other manufacturers are often thought of as sanctuaries, spaces or offices for adults. But what about…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 30-04-2018

Can you connect water to my garden room?

One of the most common questions we get asked when meeting with potential clients is: “Can you connect water to my garden…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 26-01-2018

Bespoke garden rooms – colourful wood paint experiment

After a series of articles looking at the more serious side of garden room planning, such as Can I claim a garden office as a business expenses and How to fund your garden building and 7 garden offices and summer houses planning permission rules to keep in mind I decided it’s high time…

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