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By Joe Boothby / 27-07-2021

5 Benefits of Having Your Very Own Garden Gym

If you are into fitness, a personal home gym is one of the best uses for your garden room. In this article, we look at five big benefits that you can achieve with a garden gym…

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By Joe Boothby / 30-06-2021

What Affects the Cost of a Garden Room?

We often get asked, “how much do you charge for a garden room?”. It’s a perfectly valid question. However, many elements make it hard to answer that question straight away. Read more to find out…

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By Joe Boothby / 16-04-2021

20 Amazing Garden Office Ideas to Inspire You

We are living in an age where many businesses are taking their products and services online. Where e-commerce and online shopping is rising in popularity, working from home is also seeing a rise. Having your very own garden office is the best way to work from home, and here are 20 reasons why…

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