Small bespoke garden office designed for a pivate client in Hove. The shape of the building is dictated by number of large trees growing near the building. Large glass panel on the back of the office gives a feeling that one of the trees is actually growing inside it.

Fully insulated throughout with large double-glazed window panels and double french doors providing this client with an maazing working space in their garden.

Dimensions (w x d):

2.50 m x 4.43 m outside
2.15 m  x 3.93 m inside

Final Price:



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Full Specification:
  • Dimensions: 2.50 m x 4.43 m outside, 2.15 m  x 3.93 m inside
  • Foundations: ground screws
  • Walls, floor and ceiling: 100mm insulated framework
  • Insulation thickness throughout: 100mm
  • Window and doors: upvc, double glazed, toughened glass
  • External cladding: british red wood
  • Interior: moisture resistant plasterboard
  • Floor cover: luxury vinyl panel, water and moisture resistant, 4 colours to choose from
  • Lights: 4 wall mounted downlights, 2 external lights
  • Sockets: 4 double sockets, 2 with USB charger built in
  • Wall switch: 3 double wall switch serving internal, external lights and ventilation

All our buildings can be modified to your needs and taste. Should you wish to add a window, change a shape of the building or have extra lights and sockets installed, we will cover it during our design process.

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