Book your free, no obligation site survey and design consultation below. We will visit you in your garden and prepare a bespoke design and estimate for your project.



Our free site survey does not create any obligation for you to make a purchase. We do not hard sell it to you at any point. We also do not share your data with anyone else. You can read more about what happens to your data in our little privacy policy document.

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Above all, you can expect honesty, a personal approach and to meet people who are passionate about your project.

First meeting

ivana cavallo and lukas brzozowski

You will meet us: Ivana and Lukas, the company owners. We are passionate
about what we do, and we really enjoy carrying out these initial meetings.

We do understand that no matter the size of the garden room this is quite an
investment, so it thrills us to have the chance to be the ones to see that big smile
on your face when you first receive the keys to your new garden room.

The survey will take around 1 hour. We will discuss your ideas with you and
expand them with a few of ours too. We will answer all your questions and ask
some of our own so that we can better understand your lifestyle and how you
are planning to use your new space and the garden around it. We will talk about
the amount of work you want to do yourself (if any) and what would you expect
us to do. We will then take photos of your garden and some measurements and
get to work.

After our first meeting you, will know much more about garden buildings, what
is possible and what is not, and, most importantly, you will be one step closer to
your perfect room in the garden.


Now we go away and get to work on your design. During this process we’ll think
about your garden building from all angles.

Not only the actual angles and
curves, but we’ll also think about how you’ll get to it, how you’ll get the best out
of it, and all the little bits and pieces that you’ve shared with us while we were
on site.

garden gym technical drawing

We’ll also start looking for possible materials that will meet your needs, while all the time keeping the cost of the project and your budget in mind. We want to make sure we have the best, most appropriate, most pleasing offering for you at the lowest cost, without compromising the quality.

garden office visualisation

After the Survey

When the design is ready (usually within 7 to 10 working days), we will arrange a
meeting to discuss our proposal. We will take you through the design and the
thinking behind it, show you site impressions, give you as much of the technical information as possible, and finally we will give you an itemised cost.

garden office detailed estimate

Bare in mind you should treat this as a starting point. One thing we want to be
absolutely sure about is that you are happy with your new garden building.

After the meeting we will give you plenty of time to think about it and decide
your next move. During this time, you can call us any time to ask further
questions about any part of the project or discuss possible changes.

If you decide to use our company to build your new garden room we will arrange
another meeting to determine all the final options, give you an end price
(inclusive of VAT) and book your installation date.

Now you can relax and start dreaming about how lovely your new garden room
will be!


When you don’t want to see us yet and just considering if a room in the garden is something you want, use this form to receive a quick quote for the building you have in mind.


Take the measurements of your garden and decide what size of the building you would like. Write down the width and depth of your desired building, so you can send them to us in the form below.

Alternatively book a Free Site Survey, during which we will visit you in your garden.