smallest garden office pod
smallest garden office pod

Garden Storage Room

Brighton and Hove



External: 3.00 x 1.30 m

Main room: 2.85 x 1.18 m
Decking area: 2.00 x 6.00 m


Final price: £6,900.00

Project details:

A bespoke storage room designed to fit in the south-east corner of the garden. The roof has a delicate slope, which has been designed to maximise the amount of sun on a grass pitch.

Inside there is storage room for 3 bicycles, bins, garden tools, a barbeque and wood logs. A number of fitted shelves allow owners to store additional items.

Stained glass windows make the content invisible from the outside and create amazing light in the evening.
The entire construction is fully insulated, keeping the room free from mould and humidity. The green, living roof also prevents overheating during the summer.

Client said:

And here is how it all started! Our first garden room! Our very own garden room! A whole new building based on our needs and our loves. We were so pleased we the result, not to mention how much fun we had designing and building it, that we decided to abandon our careers of over 20 years to start a completely new adventure. A Room in the garden was born!

Ivana and Lukas., Hove

smallest garden office pod
smallest garden office pod
smallest garden office pod
smallest garden office pod
smallest garden office pod

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