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Simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly. You will get a call during which you will let us know when is the best time for your Site Survey, so we can see your garden and discuss your new garden room in details.

What next?

We know you are excited and can’t wait to sit inside your new garden room. Filling the form above is a good start. What will happen next? Please have a look at step by step guide to the process we will follow to bring your design to life.

1. Check Your Email

Once you press SEND we will receive your details in our system, and soon send you an email in which we are asking about couple of things. Please reply to it as soon as you can, so we can call you back and start the initial conversation with some information.

2. Let Us Know More

We will call you as soon as possible (usually no longer than 48 hours, unless it is a weekend). During this call we will ask you to let us know more about what you have in mind and make sure that we are able to help you. If we are, we will schedule a site survey in your garden.

3. Show Us Your Place

Site Survey usually last for around an hour. During this time we have a chance to see your garden, your house and talk to you in person about your project. Very often we discover things that will be important for your project.

4. Wait For Your Design

Unless you opted for one of our Pre-Designed Garden Rooms, we will now start working on your design and proposal for your project. We will prepare both the project visualisation and estimate, so you have all the information you need to make the decision.

5. Enjoy The Presentation

You will receive our presentation usually within 2 weeks from our Site Survey. This document will have all details of the project which will allow you to see exactly what will grow in your garden in the near future.

6. Make a Decision

By now you know what we can do and at what budget. Although you might want to make some changes to the design, it is now time to decide if you would like us to build your garden room or not. This will allow us to book a space for you in our calendar and continue design modifications.

7. Perfect Your Design

It is time to get to details. As options are endless, we need your decision about each aspect of the garden room – from cladding and windows options to colour of your sockets and switches, and possibly the interior design as well.

8. Start Your Build

All is agreed and the starting date is here: let’s start your build. Within next few weeks you will see your new garden room growing in front of your eyes, and soon you will get the keys to your fully functioning building. Exciting!