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How we work

Each of our clients is an individual with different dreams, ideas and circumstances. Therefore, we provide bespoke service and design to perfectly match their unique personality. There is a process to each project, but a lot of things can be arranged as you prefer.


When you engage us to create your project, we will cover all aspects of designing and building it, from the initial idea and advice, to the groundwork and material sourcing, to the electrical and internet connections.


The first step toward your new garden building is to book our Free Site Survey. During this initial meeting, we will learn about you, your garden and what it is you are looking for. We then discuss your ideas, give you relevant advice and try to understand your taste and expectations.


Each of our garden rooms is built to an exact customer specification, so it is important that you are happy with the design. As we are preparing CAD drawings, we will involve you in the process until you are perfectly happy with the result.


When you are happy with the design and we know the majority of the details, we will send you an invoice with a request for your deposit. At this point we start ordering materials for your garden room and start preparing your building structure off-site. 


Although almost all garden buildings require no planning application, those bigger than 30sqm will need building control involvement. If in your case you do need to deal with any of the above, we will manage the entire process for you.

Most of the designs we build do not require any planning application, as our garden rooms are usually built within the sizes and specifications regulated by the Permitted Development Act or The Caravan Act.


We will send you an initial invoice for 50% of the the value of your order. We then send another for 25% when we start the installation in your garden, and the final 25% invoice on completion.



In 4 to 6 weeks from receiving your deposit, we will arrive at your garden to start the installation and building process. We will let you know exactly when we will arrive. This is usually a very exciting moment for all our clients as they watch their new garden building grow in front of them in a matter of a few days.


It usually takes 2 to 8 weeks – depending on the size and features – for the building to be completed, and you can use it straight after we leave your garden. On the last day, you will be given keys and we will explain all the important details. At the same time, we will ask you to make a final payment for the project.


You will hear from us after your building is completed. From time to time we will ask if everything is OK, and once a year we will offer you a seasonal inspection to make sure that all works as it should. If you would like us to maintain your building for you, we are able to do so as well. Of course, you can contact us whenever you want; we will always be happy to hear from you.