A medium size garden office, occasional guest room or just a room to escape to. Beautifully crafted and fully insulated to provide a high-quality, all-year-round space. Base, lights, sockets and plasterboard finished walls all come as standard.

Luce Medio has enough room for 2 desks, office cabinets and a small sofa-bed for the occasional guest.

Large, double glazed, sliding doors and vertical side window panels will allow plenty of light inside, give you the chance to gaze out on your garden and excellent protection during cold days.

Dimensions (w x d):

2.77 m x 4.98 m outside
2.38 m x 4.64 m inside


Fully installed within 1 week, 4-6 weeks after your order.

Price from:


inclusive of £2,590.04 VAT


Planning permission:

Not required in 99% of installations


We all sometimes need a little more detail, and for a project like this, you are likely to have questions that just can’t wait. Do not hesitate to call us.
We will not pressure you to any commitment, and if we can help over the phone, we will.
Full Specification:
  • Dimensions: 2.77 m x 4.98 m outside, 2.38 m x 4.64 m inside
  • Foundations: 10 ground screws
  • Walls, floor and ceiling: 100 mm insulated construction board
  • Window and doors: sliding, UPVC, double glazed, toughened glass
  • External cladding: British red wood
  • Interior: moisture resistant plasterboard
  • Floor cover: luxury vinyl panel, water and moisture resistant, 4 colours to choose from
  • Lights: 4 ceiling mounted LED lights, 2 external lights
  • Sockets: 4 double sockets with USB charger built in
  • Wall switch: double wall switch serving lights and ventilation fan
  • Ventilation: double speed ventilation fan

All our garden buildings can be modified to your needs and taste. Changes to the original design may result in a price increase, which will be discussed and agreed with you before work starts.

Electric lights, sockets and switches.

Quality doors and window panels.

100 mm top class insulation in walls, floor and roof.

Four choices of floor colour to choose from.

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