Homebuilding & Renovating Show

In this form we will simply register your details, so we can get in touch straight after the show. We will give you a call to further discuss your project and offer you our best advice possible. After our first conversation, if you think we are the right fit for you we will then book a free site visit to discuss your new garden room in detail.

What next?

We know you are excited and can’t wait to sit inside your new garden room. Filling the form above is a good start. What will happen next? Please have a look at step by step guide to the process we will follow to bring your design to life.

1. Check Your Email

Once you press SEND and we have seen your enquiry, we will send you an email requesting several images of your garden and some extra information. This will allow us to better understand your project and offer you the best advice possible.

2. Let Us Know More

We will call you no longer than 48 hours after receiving your inquiry (unless it is a weekend). The first call is a very important stage, as it allows us to learn more about your project, and discuss the way we work and what we can do for you. If you think we are the right fit for you, we will schedule a free site visit.

3. Show Us Your Place

If you opt for a Pre-Designed garden room, the free site visit will be conducted by one of our project managers and it will last around 30 minutes. During that time we will measure your garden, take some photos, check that there are no visible issues and answer all questions you may have. If you opt for our Design Service the free site visit will be conducted by Lukas, our head architect, and it will last around one hour.

4. Wait For Your Design

Unless you opted for one of our Pre-Designed Garden Rooms, once back from the site visit, Lukas will start working on your design. Our design team will finalise it and make it into a beautiful and very detailed online presentation. This will take up to 2 to 3 weeks from the day of the site visit. This may seem like a long wait but we can assure you it will be worth it!

5. Enjoy The Presentation

Now it is time to make a cup of tea, sit comfortably and enjoy your very own, unique garden room presentation. This will include several images and a video that will show how your garden room will look inside and out. Fully-detailed specifications and an estimate will also be put into your presentation.

6. Make a Decision

We are very proud to say that more often than not, our designs are exactly what the client had envisioned. Sometimes some small little twigs are needed to make it perfect, but included in the Design fee there are up to 3 substantial changes. We can assure you that you will end up with your dream garden building!

7. Perfect Your Design

If you would like our team to start building your new garden room, we require a booking fee of £750. This will secure you a slot in the calendar and provide you with a dedicated designer to finalise your project. From the colour of the flooring, and the choice of tiles, to the type of switches and sockets, your garden room will be designed down to the smallest details. Both the design fee and the booking fee will then be deducted from your final estimate.

8. Start Your Build

All is agreed and the starting date is here. During the whole building process, our team will do everything in their power to create the least disruption possible, for both you and your neighbours. We will take care of everything, from the foundation, electrics, and water connection to the interior design (if you wish). It will be very exciting to see your new garden room coming together in front of your eyes, and sooner than you think you will be receiving the key to your new, unique garden room.