How we build

Many of our clients – especially those who are more technically orientated – like to know how we build a room in the garden, and what materials we’ll use, before spending their money with us.

How we work

Each of our clients is an individual with different dreams, ideas and circumstances. Therefore, we provide bespoke service and design to perfectly match their unique personality.


There are plenty of different ways to customise your garden office or summer house. From stained glass windows to fibre cement boards or a green roof. The options are endless.  And, if you can’t find what you have in mind, do not think that is not possible. We just haven’t thought of it yet! Give us a call. We love a challenge!

Available finance

We offer finance for the majority of our buildings. Below, you can find some examples and the terms and conditions on which this finance is granted.


Questions in this section are asked often. Please see if yours is answered. If not, please let us know. Some of the answers have been turned into articles you can find on our blog.

What is happening right now?

Our Instagram feed shows you all of our latest news. There you can see what is happening right now, what we are  building today and what we found that might inspire you.