Many of our clients – especially those who are more technically orientated – like to know how we build a room in the garden, and what materials we’ll use, before spending their money with us.


Each of our clients is an individual with different dreams, ideas and circumstances. Therefore, we provide bespoke service and design to perfectly match their unique personality.

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There are plenty of different ways to customise your garden office or summer house. From stained glass windows to fibre cement boards or a green roof. The options are endless.  And, if you can’t find what you have in mind, do not think that is not possible. We just haven’t thought of it yet! Give us a call. We love a challenge!


We offer finance for the majority of our buildings. Below, you can find some examples and the terms and conditions on which this finance is granted.


Questions in this section are asked often. Please see if yours is answered. If not, please let us know. Some of the answers have been turned into articles you can find on our blog.

summer house at night bespoke garden building

New summer house and my garden just got bigger!

As the first signs of spring become visible, you might be thinking about upgrading and enhancing your garden. With long, hazy evenings and sun-drenched weekends on the horizon, have you considered adding a summer house to your garden? With a summer house, you can make...
inside garden office

5 Benefits of a Garden Office Pod Over Renting a Space

As office rental prices go up and more businesses reach their audiences via the Internet, company owners are starting to save money by running the show from their home. We feel that a garden office pod is the solution to the modern challenge of having a professional...
garden child room ideas

Garden baby room ideas

Recently, I welcomed a new life into my family and it got me thinking about how garden rooms from us and other manufacturers are often thought of as sanctuaries, spaces or offices for adults. But what about the children? I wanted to share some of my top garden baby...
cladding options for a garden office or summer house

Cladding options for your bespoke garden office or summer house

When we’re dreaming of our garden office or summer house, we start by thinking of its use. We start to imagine ourselves sitting or working surrounded by all the creature comforts we need and looking out onto our beautiful garden. When we think of walking towards it…...
connecting water to garden room

Can you connect water to my garden room?

One of the most common question we get asked when meeting with potential clients is: “Can you connect water to my garden room?” The answer is yes! Although there are a few things that you do need to consider depending on what you want. You may want to install a...
ground screw pile for garden rooms

Garden office and summer house foundation: the screw piling system

A very important part of building a garden room, no matter if a garden office, a summer house or simply a small storage room, is to make sure that the foundation is solid, strong and long lasting.The traditional way to prepare the foundation for a building is using...
How we build our garden rooms

How we build our garden rooms

Garden offices or summer houses are becoming more and more popular. In addition to being an easy and cost effective way to add space to your home (with a few rules to be respected, but generally no planning permission is required) they often represent a good...
Colourful wood paint for garden rooms

Bespoke garden rooms – colourful wood paint experiment

After a series of articles looking at the more serious side of garden room planning, such as Can I claim a garden office as a business expenses and How to fund your garden building and 7 garden offices and summer houses planning permission rules to keep in mind I...
claiming a garden office as a business expense

Can I claim a garden office as a business expense?

I am sure that if you are one of those people who works from home, the idea of having a garden office must have crossed your mind. A garden office would allow you to separate home from work, finally eliminating all those small interruptions of family life so it would...
Bespoke garden office and summer house

Is bespoke design expensive?

In these blogs and throughout this website, you’ll have seen the word 'bespoke' plenty of time: ‘bespoke garden office', 'bespoke summer house', 'bespoke design'... Everyone understands what the word ‘bespoke’ means, and I am pretty sure everyone would love to have a...
How to fund your garden office

How to fund your garden office

Adding a garden office or a general use garden room (a garden gym? A room for meditation? Somewhere where occasional guests can stay overnight?) will affect your pockets. There’s no doubt about that. And not everybody will have that sum of money sitting in their bank...
Garden office path ideas

Path ideas for your garden office and summer house

If you are thinking about adding a room in your garden, no matter if it’s a summer house, a garden office or a play house for your children, you will need to have a garden path to reach it in a comfortable way (especially on those wet days!). Choosing the right garden...
Cloud house

Garden room: 20 great architecture ideas to be inspired by

Imagination. It’s a tricky old thing, isn’t it? Sometimes it can put a thought in our heads that we just can’t shake out, and we’re pretty sure is impossible. Like when you’re designing your new garden room, been a garden office or summer house. You know what you...
Clifford Sell and lettings Hove

Is building a storage room, a summer house or a garden office a cost or an investment?

There is no denying it; building a summer house, a garden office or a storage room in your garden will affect your bank balance. But is this simply a cost, or it can be considered an investment? Could the addition of a good looking and well organised storage room also...
Garden office planning permission

7 garden office or summer house planning permission rules to keep in mind

When my husband and I had the idea of starting a bespoke summer house and garden office company, the first thing we did was to search for what regulations there are for outdoor buildings to find out if planning permission is needed. On the internet, I was able to find...
Garden office ideas

Garden office options for every budget

When we think about a garden office, we often have an image of an amazing building, perhaps more luxurious even than a house. But we are sure it’s likely to cost a fortune. It doesn’t have to be like that. It might be that you have the skills, materials, finances,...
why having a garden office

5 reasons to have a garden office

Imagine a day in which your journey to work involves going out into your garden, walking down a path among beautiful plants and trees, opening the door of your garden office and sitting down behind your desk. All in a total of maybe 20-30 seconds. If you run your own...
Garden storage room size

What is the right size of your new summer house, garden office or garden storage room?

When we started thinking about our new garden storage room, the first question we had to answer was, ‘How big do we want it to be?’ On one hand, we wanted to be as small as possible, on the other hand, we wanted it to comfortably fit all the things we wanted to have...
Summer house ideas

20 great summer houses ideas to inspire you

Summer houses were originally small, wooden constructions found in gardens or parks. They were a small, secluded getaway, where people went to cool down, relax or enjoy their hobbies during a hot, summer day. Times have changed though, and so has the way that people...

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