A Room in the Garden is a family run business born from the desire to deliver beautiful, practical and affordable garden buildings. We design, build and install high-quality bespoke garden offices, summer houses, garden guest rooms and storage rooms. All our garden rooms are fully insulated, beautifully finished and offer our clients a great all-year-round space.


Each of our garden buildings is handmade, and we source the highest quality materials. Our joint experience in the building trade, architecture, fashion, design and customer service allows us to create projects that are unique, individually designed, and most important – they suit your needs.

Based in Brighton and Hove, we serve the East and West Sussex, Surrey and London.

It all started with those 4 people…



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It’s me. I was born in Rome, Italy, but I have been living in the UK, apart from a break of 3 years which I spent in Florence studying for my Fashion degree, since 1996. In 2002, I left London to move to Brighton.

Straight away I fell in love with the city and its vibe and decided to make it my home. Although I started my career as a fashion designer I have been working in marketing since 2007.

At ‘A Room in the Garden’ I’m helping Lukas with design, keep an eye on garden arrangements and plants. I make sure that things are kept a bit different, special and individual. You could say I break Lukas’ straight lines.



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He is my husband. The other half of the apple.

Lukas was born in Poland, where he took his degree in Architecture. In 2003 he moved to London where he worked as Designer, Project Manager and Marketing Director till 2009 when he decided to open his own marketing agency. In 2015 we met, fell in love and decided to get marry. He packed his things, sold his London flat and moved down to Brighton.

Lukas will design your perfect room in the garden. He will make sure that all the materials are of the highest standard, that your new room is ready in time and is nothing less than perfect.



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Mietek is our trusted builder. He arrived in the UK in 2009 with his wife and his four sons. He has always been working in the building industry, gaining experience in different fields and always learning new skills, from carpentry to plumbing, from masonry to tiling…

Mietek will build your new room in the garden with knowledge and precision, down to the smallest details. Thanks to his very practical approach there is no problem that can’t be solved. There is nothing that can’t be done!




Mateus is Mietek’s son and as his other 3 brothers he decided to follow his father footsteps. Matheus grew up between hummers, concrete and nails. At the age of 5 Mateus started to build his first wooden toy!

Mateus will build your new room in the garden. Right hand of his father, Mateus greater satisfaction is the smile of the client at the end of a very well done job!

…and then the others joined…


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design, build

What is happening right now?

Our Instagram feed shows you all of our latest news. There you can see what is happening right now, what we are  building today and what we found that might inspire you.


It all started with a glass of wine and an innocent joke in June 2017.

And now here we are! That joke became a dream. The dream became reality. And ‘A Room in the Garden’ was born.

My husband and I live in a lovely flat in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. Although it’s not very common for a first-floor flat, we have a decent size garden. Unfortunately, for very long time we denied it care and attention. Grass kept growing higher, and the small shed sitting in the corner was so full of stuff that we gave up even getting things out of it! The garden was so unloved that we rarely used it.

Until one day, we put our hearts into it and started our ‘grand garden design’.

After clearing the garden, which revealed its real size, we could see how we could better use the available space. It was now time to search for a new shed. We browsed the internet to see what was out there, but we could not really find what we were looking for. Too small, too big. Not the right shape. If only it had the roof this way or the doors opened that way… Nothing seemed to answer all our needs and wants.

We decided to take the matter into our hands and design our own garden storage room!
Lukas’ Architecture studies and construction experience became very handy when it was time to jot down our ideas. My fashion university and practicality was helpful too.

We went through so many different ideas. We changed the size, shape, location, materials… but in the end, we designed our own perfect storage room! Exactly what we needed and exactly how we wanted it. No compromise was needed! Our own room in the garden!

And then it was time to build it!

We are so pleased with the result, and we had so much fun doing it, that one evening, while sitting on our new decking, admiring our ‘grand garden design’, Lukas said, “We should quit everything and start a shed company – A Room in the Garden – bespoke garden offices and summer houses.”

A few seconds of silence followed. Then we looked each other in the eyes. Something just felt right about it. “Yes. I think we should!”

And here we are! A Room in the Garden was born!


When you are just idly considering if a room in the garden is something you want, but you don't want to see us quite yet, use this form to receive a quick quote for the building you have in mind.



Take the measurements of your garden and decide the size of the building you would like. All you then need to do is write down the width and depth of your desired building and submit them to us using the form below.

Alternatively, book a Free Site Survey, during which we will visit you in your garden and discuss all the options with you.