If you already have a garden room or are looking to have one, this article provides inspiration for making garden rooms multi-purpose. At the end of the day, we would all like to get as much use out of our garden spaces as possible.

Apart from the fact that garden buildings we build are extremely practical, they also look great in the garden. We design them to match your surroundings and your style. With each project we finish, our clients often say that their garden building looks like it was always there.

They all come with full insulation, so they are perfect for all-year-round use. The majority of them come with underfloor heating and an internet connection. Some come with bathrooms, saunas and air-conditioning. If you think about it, they are more like mini-houses.

So, what can you use them for once you have them? Below is a list of various options, and the various uses you can get out of them. We hope that when you’ve finished reading through, you’ll have the inspiration to get one for yourself. And if your other half still needs convincing, we hope that this article helps.

Garden Office

The shortest and most enjoyable commute could be to the end of your garden. Imagine a dedicated private space that’s both professional and comfortable right on your doorstep. A bespoke garden office prevents family and pets from invading your workspace while you remain nearby and available. Keep the benefits of working from home with no need for double-use spaces; leaving your bedrooms and the kitchen table free for their intended purpose. Installing a garden office adds value to your property, and it’s certainly cheaper than buying a house with more room. If you want to find out more about this, you should check out our article 5 benefits of garden office over renting.

Garden Studio

Whether you are a therapist, artist, or academic, having your own space at the end of your garden is ideal. You could see your clients in peace, close to home, but not interrupted by kids and pets. A garden studio could allow you to fully submerge yourself in your art, or your study. And when you’re done for the day, you can leave everything in the order that suits you, and you alone.

Storage Room

Storage space can be both practical and beautiful, and we’ve never heard anyone complain they have too many cupboards. Whether you need to store garden equipment, the family bikes, or garden toys, these spaces are the perfect solution. A garden storage room solves the problem of de-cluttering, without having to throw useful items away. We all need that place to keep important documents, memorabilia, or collectibles. A garden storage room is the best way to do exactly that.


For work or for play, every man deserves a man-cave. A dedicated garden room away from it all, and a space where you make the rules. What could be better than a comfy seating area, a big flat-screen TV, and some true you-time? Your very own man-cave can make that dream a reality. Perhaps your ideal man-cave is more of a workshop, where you can safely use your tools and equipment. Either way, a man-cave is the ultimate way to carve out some time for yourself. We feel that no man should go without one.

Summer House

Make your garden more fun and sociable by adding a Summer house, a family space to relax and enjoy being outdoors. A Summer house allows family members of all ages to enjoy being outside for longer. And during the hottest parts of a beautiful Summer’s day, your Summer house is perfect for enjoying the shade. A bespoke Summer house could include helpful storage space for wintering garden furniture or storing tools and family bikes. Large bi-fold doors can open on warm days, so the outside becomes an extension of this living area. On colder days you can still enjoy the garden from a fully insulated space that’s both cosy and energy efficient.

Garden Gym

It’s time to hit the garden room gym; one that is entirely your own. Having a gym that just a short walk from your house gives you more time to focus on your exercise. On top of this, you pick the music, and can spend as much time on the equipment as you like. You can organise your own weights on shelves, and even fit a flat screen TV for workout videos. You’ll have enough space for all kinds of gym equipment. Whatever workout routine you follow, your personal garden gym allows you to train, with added privacy, and zero membership fees.

Garden Playroom

A big problem for new parents, is the great amount of space that having kids will inevitably occupy. Kids obtain boxes and boxes of toys and dressing up clothes from well-meaning relatives. On birthdays and special occasions, furniture-sized brightly coloured objects with flashing lights and questionable sounds will appear. Those who have trodden on that first stray Lego brick, have unfortunately learned this the hard way. But with a garden playroom, you can save both space and sanity. Creating a playroom could be a liberating play area, or a useful learning space for your children. There’s no better place than a garden playroom, for your children’s imaginations to thrive.


We’ve already covered the brilliance of man-caves, but what about those perfect private space with more feminine touches? A she-shed stands as the perfect garden escape for any lady who needs some leisurely time for themselves. Whether you want to catch up with your girl-friends, or sit back with a book, a she-shed offers that perfect private space. A she-shed is also a great place to work on various projects, or continue indulging in your hobbies.

Garden Guest Room

A garden guest room could be the answer when family or friends need a place to stay. Come rain or shine, a garden room is a comfortable, fully insulated space that can be used all year round. You can even add a WC and internet for a truly private and functional space. Even when it isn’t being occupied, it could double as just about any other space on this list. Having a garden guest room is also a great way to add value to your property.

Garden Airbnb

There are many different reasons why your garden might be the perfect location for a backyard AirBnB. Maybe you live in beautiful countryside, or you’re a walking distance from an exciting town or city. Whatever it may be, having a garden AirBnB is a great way to celebrate the area you live in. A garden room is the kind of outdoor space that you can make as luxurious as you want. That being said, there’s no limit to how attractive you can make your AirBnB to tourists and travellers. While adding value to your home overall, it’s also a perfect way to earn extra money while you’re living there.

Garage Conversion

Garage conversions are a great way to add more living space to your home, without building a completely new extension. By removing the need for a garage in your house, you create the opportunity to make a whole other room. It is important to consider your garage conversion carefully, to best utilise the additional space. But once you do this, it will undoubtedly improve the flow of your home. Having that free space might get rid of the need to move house. That way, you can enjoy really making your house a home.

Garden Art Gallery

We all love to view an art exhibition in a beautifully designed public gallery, from time to time. Many of us collect paintings or sculptures, but fewer people have that truly special place to put them. A garden room can make for a perfect art gallery for collectors and independent artists alike. You can freely enjoy your favourite pieces, and preserve the condition of your collection. Your very own garden gallery can make for a brilliantly unique, and visually pleasing addition to your garden.

Garden Music Studio

We’ve covered garden studio’s already, but we felt this deserved its own entry. Musicians and song artists know just how vital that all-important creative space is for making great music. And when your sharing a house with other members, this is much easier said than done. What you really need is the privacy to let your creativity roam free. With enough noise insulation, and plenty of space to store your instruments, you can concentrate on the creative stuff. With the freedom that a garden music studio can bring, you may just create your best song yet.

Classic Car Garage

Every classic car owner lavishes attention on their cherished motor, doing everything to keep their dream vehicle in mint condition. Creating a classic car garage for storage and maintenance can extend the motoring lifespan of your auto. During the months that bring harsh weather conditions, a well-maintained garage will help protect your prized car. A truly valuable piece of automotive art, should be treated and protected as such. We feel there’s no better way to do exactly that, than with a car garage conversion.

Mobile Home

Gone are the times when mobile homes looked ugly and off-putting. Mobile homes are now often amazing pieces of architecture. With clever design, a much larger footprint and superior insulation qualities, these constructions can be perfect for long-term accommodation. If you decide to install a kitchen and bathroom, you can enhance the luxury of your mobile home even further.

Granny Annexe

Granny annexes are a very popular option for those who want to keep an eye on their parents upon getting older. It offers both more space and more luxury, than trying to find space in your own home. As a result, this gives your loved ones a tranquil place to settle in, with lovely views of your gorgeous garden.

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