If you have a house that you rent out to holidaymakers but would like to make your guest’s stay even more special, or maybe you live near a tourist place and looking for a way to make some extra earnings, a garden room or a mobile home in your garden could be your answer. Whatever your circumstances may be, there are so many options you can choose from to make your garden Airbnb an amazing experience for your guests.

Guest Room

Whether you’re looking to extend your BnB home with an additional room, or would like a guest room ideal for a certain amount of guests, you can style and have it designed to perfectly match your property and garden. It could provide your guest with a bedroom and ensuite bathroom, with the rest of the facilities and rooms available in the house. You can ensure that your guests will be fighting over who will have the garden guest room!

Guest House

A guest house or mobile home bnb is an ideal choice for longer stays, providing your guests with everything they need to fulfil common tasks before heading out for the day. This includes a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even storage space. Having it in a very spacious outdoor area is a plus, with your home and the mobile home nicely separated so both you and your guests are not invading each other’s privacy.

Themed Room

Some of the most popular BnB experiences are ones that have a popular theme to go alongside a guest’s stay. Whether it is a famous film franchise, TV show or even a game, people have become more and more interested in going with friends to these Airbnbs!

Party Room

Setting your garden room to have everything needed for a great party, such as a bar, a possible kitchen for catering, and of course, a large room so your guests can hit the dance floor! Depending on what sort of parties you would like to advertise, whether it is a fun get-together for guests or a big event, a garden room can be designed and built to fit the right category for you.


Those who want to practice their hobbies while staying in a tranquil or convenient area will love to have a few days away in a studio. If you live by the sea, countryside, or possibly somewhere close to a popular big town, your guests would love to art, draw, craft or write while surrounded by an environment that they love. Another opportunity for a garden room studio is to provide meeting rooms or a co-working space people can rent for a few days, or one day for a staff meeting.

Mediation and Yoga

Create a serene and peaceful garden room BnB that can be used as a meditation or yoga space. Provide cushions, mats, and soothing decor to help your guests relax and rejuvenate. This could be for a day session or even for a week, for those looking to have a getaway holiday with a class or friends.

Mini Cottage

You might possibly live in a countryside or historical town, so why not turn your garden room Airbnb into a mini cottage? This can be particularly appealing to travellers who prefer the privacy and flexibility of a self-contained space, as well as enjoy the aesthetic of a small cottage home.

Games Room

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People love to try and find a convenient space to host a games night. For instance, a Dungeons and Dragons game usually lasts a few weeks, and also falls into the category of creating a themed garden room. You could make your garden room completely based on one very popular game, or provide a flexible space for guests to play board games, video games and more.

Theatre Room

If you are planning on letting guests stay for a few nights in a row, you could possibly market your garden room towards those wanting a film night(s). Turning your garden room into a cinema experience could pull the attention of film lovers wanting a movie marathon with accommodation. They can get the popcorn out and enjoy their film on a high-quality projector in their comfy cinema seats (don’t forget the cup holders!).

Cabin Room

If you live nearby plenty of nature, or possibly near some woods, having a garden room cabin will allow your guests to have a much more individualized experience, rather than opting for a larger cabin resort. Having plenty of windows for your cabin will also give them a gorgeous view on a rainy day.

Spa Room

With a garden room spa, your guests can relax and enjoy a peaceful day trip or weekend away. Your spa could include a sauna, hot tub and/or a bathroom with a sensory shower. This can even be sold as an extra feature when renting out as Airbnb, or it can be rented out by the hour.

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