With your very own garden office, you can create a dedicated workspace away from the distractions of your home. Doing so will help you focus and boost your productivity much more than you could expect. A garden office allows you to separate your work from your home, helping you maintain a better work-life balance. It’s even a much more cost-effective alternative to renting an office space or extending your home. It even adds value to your property!

Your Inspiration

Knowing the long-lasting benefits is one part, the next is knowing about how to make it unique to yourself. What would you mainly use it for? How would you want it to look? What necessities should it include to make it your perfect office space? We understand that it’s difficult to describe what you envision sometimes, so when you begin your garden office journey, we will guide you in finding inspiration and getting those ideas straight into your designs. In this article, we have included multiple garden offices that have very individual styles and designs, which could relate to what you are looking for in your own.


A garden office can be used for many purposes, depending on how you work or what you work on. Your office could counteract as a studio, a gym, or even a guest room. Many clients in the past have come to us with ideas for a multiple-use garden office. Some were looking for an office/family room, or, as shown above, even an office/pool house! A multi-functional garden office is greatly beneficial for households with changing needs.

We also understand that Wi-Fi is greatly important to have in your office, so setting up your garden office to the internet goes without saying. 

Snug Life or Living Large?

What is your perfect workspace size? Are you looking at something snug, cosy and compact? Are you looking for something extravagant and spacious? Or are you looking for something just right? The size of your garden office depends on what your preferences are as well as what your garden space will allow. You could be searching for a one-person office, or even a garden office that can accommodate multiple people, whether it’s for yourself or to rent out. Whichever you may choose, we can ensure it is perfect for you and has all the necessities you need to work effectively and conveniently.

Thinking Outside the Box

Since you now have the chance to build your perfect working space from scratch, you do not need to focus only on the necessities. No more compromises on style! You now have the chance to let your creativity free and to create a functional space which also reflects your style and personality. From eye-catching external finishes, stunning wallpaper and decorated decking areas to beautiful lighted pathways towards your workspace. The shape of your office is something that can be experimented with too, leaving you with much more than a square or rectangular space to work with. The possibilities for your garden office are unlimited.

Want to browse more garden offices like these? Our Gallery page has a variety of designer offices that all boast an individual personality. Or if are ready to start your garden office journey, you can Get Started today!

Get Started

Whether you just started thinking about the possibility of having a unique garden room, or you want us to build your unique garden room, start your journey here.