Here you will find pictures of some of the buildings we have created. Each of them is as individual as their owners. Book our free, no obligation site survey together with a design consultation and get a step closer to your unique and bespoke garden building.


smallest garden office pod

Garden Summer House

Summer house and garden make-over that transformed this space from what was earlier a hardly ever used part to a centre of an outdoor live. Even the owners of the property are surprised how massive positive effect it had on the way…

smallest garden office pod

Garden Gym

A luxurious garden gym designed to complement the estate and match its character. The 3m high ceiling makes the room airy and spacious, making exercising more pleasurable. The 2.5 m, bi-folding windows stretch across…

smallest garden office pod

Garden Gym, Summer House and Storage Room

We were asked to create a contemporary garden gym which could be used all year around by a family of four. The main challenge was to create a space large enough to contain the gym, an area to relax and entertain friends, along with…

smallest garden office pod

Garden Studio

The need to create outside working space in a small, courtyard like garden, was at the heart of this unique design. Creating a great, outside working studio, where the owner could work throughout a year without…

smallest garden office pod

Large Garden Summer House with Storage Room

The family of five wanted to create a space that they will use all-year-round and utilise their large garden space. They wanted a building that will be bright, spacious and will accommodate a full-size table tennis equipment. Our design idea was to…

smallest garden office pod

Large Garden Storage Room

Large storage room in modern style was designed to match another garden building just in front it, and fits perfectly within this large estate. Small, vertical window and double doors at the side allow the owner to…

smallest garden office pod

Garden Office

Garden office is a great space to have when you work from home. It allows you to focus, isolate from the house life and achieve more. In this case we have been asked to build one in a place of an old shed. The owner was looking for a…

smallest garden office pod

Car Port

To design a modern car port that works well with traditional garage building might not always be an easy thing. However, this example shows that this task is possible, and we have managed to please our demanding client to…

smallest garden office pod

Individual Garden Storage Room

Very individual storage/hobby room design for a client with a passion for rabbits and the blue colour. The storage room is fully insulated, and the doors and window are all double glazed, making the room warm in the winter and…

smallest garden office pod

Garden Guest Room

Small, but perfect for an additional guestroom, this garden building has been built from very well insulated SIP panels, making it brilliant for all-year-round use. With additional decorative features, external lights and…

smallest garden office pod

Summer House and Storage Room

Small, colourful storage room with stained glass windows. A summer house and storage room designed to fill the full width of the west facing side of the garden. The style of the garden room and the chosen colours…

smallest garden office pod

Garden Storage Room

A bespoke storage room designed to fit in the south-east corner of the garden. The roof has a delicate slope, which has been designed to maximise the amount of sun on a grass pitch. Inside there is storage room for 3 bicycles, bins, garden tools…


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