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About A Room in the Garden

A Room in the Garden is a family run business born from the desire to deliver beautiful, practical and affordable garden buildings.

We design, build and install high-quality bespoke garden offices, summer houses, garden guest rooms and storage rooms. All our garden rooms are fully insulated, beautifully finished and offer our clients a great all-year-round space.

Ivana and Lukas

It all started with these two.

Ivana, with a Fashion Degree from the University of Florence, and Lukas, with an Architecture Degree from Wroclaw Univeristy of Science and Technology.
They met in 2015, fell in love and after enjoying refurbishing their own garden space decided to start ‘A Room in the Garden’, immediately ditching the marketing company they ran before. Although Lukas designs most of the garden buildings, Ivana often breaks his simple lines by adding a spark of Italian flair.

Our Team

Martin Graczyk

Jarek Makowski

Mateusz Kryskow

Marek Bogacz

A Room in the Garden Story

It all started on a beautiful warm evening with a glass of wine
and a very innocent joke, back in June 2017

And now here we are! That joke became a dream and the dream became reality. A few years down the line we still look at our story and find it amazing how one little thing can change so much.
So, my husband and I live in a lovely flat in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. Although it’s not very common for a first-floor flat, we have a decent sized garden. Unfortunately, for a long time we denied it care and attention. The grass grew ever higher, and the small shed that sat in the corner was so full of stuff that we gave up getting things out of it! The garden was unloved and rarely used.

One day, we decided to go for it and started our
‘grand garden design’

After clearing the garden, which revealed its real size, we could see how much better we could use the available space. It was time to search for a new shed, the thing that would keep our new space practical and tidy.

We browsed the internet to see what was out there, but we couldn’t really find what we were looking for. They were too small, too big. Not the right shape. If only it had the roof like this or the doors opened that way… None of them seemed to answer all our needs and wants.

We decided to take the matter into our own hands and designed
our perfect garden storage room

Lukas’ Architecture studies and construction experience became very handy when it was time to jot down our ideas. My fashion degree and practicality meant I had a lot to add too.
We went through so many different scenarios. We changed the size, shape, location, materials… but eventually, we designed our own perfect storage room! Exactly what we needed, exactly how we wanted it. No compromise, it was our room in the garden.

And then it was time to build!

So we turned to a great team of builders who were refurbishing our flat at the time. We asked if they could build it and luckily they said yes. We got involved too and actually helped a lot.

We were blown away by the result which had been so much fun to design and complete. One evening, while sitting on our new decking, admiring this ‘grand garden design’, Lukas said, “We should quit everything and start a shed company – bespoke garden offices and summer houses. That sort of thing.”
A few seconds of silence followed, then we looked each other. Something just felt right about it. I said “Yes. I think we should!”

A Room in the Garden was born and today here we are.

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The best place to start your project is to book your Free Site Survey and design consultation. We will visit you in your garden to discuss your ideas. We will expand on them with a few of ours and sketch some options for you.