There are plenty of different ways to customise your garden office or summer house. From stained glass windows to fibre cement boards or a green roof, the options are endless. And, if you can’t find what you have in mind, don’t think that it isn’t possible. We just haven’t thought of it yet! Give us a call. We love a challenge!


Colour can completely change the look and feel of your garden building, as well as the way it sits in your garden. It has also been proven to affect your mood! If you already know what colours you would like for your new garden office or summer house, please let us know and we will incorporate them into your design. You can also visit our blog on choosing the colour of your garden building to browse different ideas for your garden room.


Although wood cladding is the most common option in garden offices, summer houses and guest rooms, there are other materials that can be used to personalise the final look of your garden room. From solid fibre cement panels, outdoor wallpaper, brick style tiles, composite cladding, metal elements, to even cork cladding. The options are endless. Have a look at our article on Cladding Options for some available options.

If we do not have what you are looking for, we will search the market for you. If it is out there, we will find it!


The look of your doors and windows plays an important part in the final garden room design. Frame colours, materials, shapes, the way they open, integrated blinds… There are plenty of possibilities to suit your style, needs and budget.


A garden room is considered permitted development, so apart from a few planning permission rules and building regulations that need to be observed, anything is possible. No matter the size and shape of your garden, or how extravagant your idea is, we will make sure we design and build the perfect garden building for you. You can also let your imagination go wild with our article 44 design ideas for your modern garden room


Having our own certified electrician allows us to design a garden building that will accommodate all your electrical needs while respecting all the latest safety regulations. All of our garden rooms come with LED ceiling-mounted lights, electrical sockets and plugs, and anthracite up-and-down outdoor lights as standard. We realise though that it is the details that make the difference, and we can offer you plenty of options to choose from. You can visit our article on electrical connection to learn more.


All our garden rooms are built using 100mm (floor and walls) and 125mm (roof) Structural Insulated Panels, which will give you a very well-insulated space with an average U Value of 0.25 (better than the one requested by building regulations for new homes). With that said, like when you’re in your own home, if you want to be comfortable during the coldest days, you would want to have some kind of heating system.  

With wall-mounted electric heaters, underfloor heating, and heating/cooling systems, we have it all covered. The only question is what you would prefer. 


The standard flooring we install in our garden rooms are commercial grade laminate flooring, from the Howdens Professional Fast Fit V Groove Range.

But, once again, the possibilities are endless and depending on the use of your new garden room, you may prefer engineered wood, ceramic tiles, a hard-wearing metal floor or rubber (perfect for a home gym).


Wooden deckings is a great addition to garden buildings, but it does not always have to be made out of wood. With many materials available, you might want to try sandstone, concrete tiles, brisk or any other ideas you may have in mind.

During our initial conversation, we’ll ask you for your ideas, and see if you would like to have it completed alongside your new garden building.


If you can see the roof of your garden building every day, let’s say from your bedroom window, it might be a good idea to install a green roof.

It not only improves the way the entire construction looks from above, but it also provides additional heat insulation, both in winter and summer. It also benefits the environment, as the natural evaporation of water from the plants cools the air as well as reducing pollutants and dust particles. 


Stained glass can be an amazing way to personalise your new garden office, summer house or storage room. From traditional to contemporary design, we will create the perfect stained glass to fit not only your building but your personality and artistic taste too.


Garden buildings are now much more than just simple summer houses. They are a true extension of your home. An extra guest room, or a home office, or maybe a nice space to entertain friends and family. The interior layout, style and finishes are as important as the overall external look.

We offer full interior and carpentry design services, giving you a full, turn-key solution.


Building your new room in the garden will certainly bring some changes to the appearance of your outside space.

It might be a good moment to redesign or refresh the other elements of your garden. We partner with a number of landscape and garden design companies who can work alongside us during your project.