Adding a bit of colour or wallpaper to your garden room is an exciting stage. A colour scheme can tell a lot about a person and their personality, such as bright, eccentric colours to represent a bubbly and lively attitude, or calm, cool colours to match a serene, relaxing atmosphere.

Whichever you may choose, we can help you pick the perfect shade, pattern and finish for your garden room.

When it comes to choosing your colour scheme, there are no limits as to what exact shade, finish and even distributor of paint that you are looking for.

You can provide us with all of your ideas, inspiration and concepts and we can do the rest of the work for you.

If there is a distributor of paint that you favour, we can also prepare your chosen paint product for you at no extra charge.


Adding wallpaper to your garden room can take its appearance to another level. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to make your garden room feel incredibly homely, you could even match your garden room wallpaper with your lounge!

Whether you want to cover one wall or all the walls of your garden room, wallpaper can really bring something special to the interior of your room.

Maybe you’ve even thought about outdoor wallpaper, and to those who haven’t, yes you heard right! Outdoor wallpaper provides all-year-round durability, long-lasting vibrancy, and not to mention a stunning exterior for your garden room.


Considering our Co-Director Ivana originates in the gorgeous city of Rome, a dash of Italian flair is always welcome in our designs.

If you are someone who loves stunning, tailor-made outdoor and indoor wallpaper, then you will love Wall&decò. Based in Milan, each wallpaper they offer is a work of art by itself, and might be the perfect addition to your garden room that you were searching for.


Our standard finishes are plastered white walls, but this can of course be switched to any colour of your choosing. If you’re unsure as to what colour you should go for, we can of course step in and give you helpful feedback on what colours could fit the style you’re going for.

If there is any certain manufacturer you may have used in the past or have in mind for your garden room, then we are more than happy to provide you with the exact one you would want.


Grooved MDF provides a more cost-effective option than plastering, as well as adds dimension to your walls similar to cladding.

It comes in various colours but should be given an extra coat of paint to ensure a vibrant, smooth finish.

It also adds a great effect on your walls when installed as panelling, such as in a hallway or on one side of a room. Adding a splash of colour to these panels can create a wonderful contrast between the grooved MDF and the main wall.


Your external wall can boast a stylish, bold colour or have textured, stunning cladding, the choice is yours!

There is a variety of external finishes to choose from, and the right one for your garden room will completely depend on what style you are going for. Would you like your garden room to feel more like than extension of your main home? Render walls are a popular material used for houses (and may have been used for yours), and also come in many different colours.

Would you like something a bit more out of the ordinary? Cork cladding has a very satisfying texture and has some beautiful shades to choose from, whether you want a warm brown or a smart grey for your external walls.

Materials such as Tricoya are a great choice for adding different effects and shapes to your garden room, and can be easily painted over.

Our standard redwood cladding can be painted, stained, varnished or oiled. Whichever you may pick, we always recommend an oil finish regardless to protect your external wall from weather damage and UV. Corrugated board is a great alternative if you want an easy-to-maintain exterior, which also comes in a range of different colours.

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