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If you would like to have all information in one place instead of browsing our website, download one of our brochures.

From our main brochure presenting A Room in the Garden and number of projects, through design brochure to pre-designed buildings brochure, you will find all information you need. And if you would like to read more about garden buildings, advice and get some inspiration, head to our Blog section.

A Room in the Garden Brochure

Our main brochure presenting our philosophy, how we build and work. With a lot of photos from existing project this is a great starting point to understand how A Room in the Garden can help you achieve your ideal garden building.


Pre-Designed Buildings Brochure

Designs, specification and prices of our pre-designed buildings. If you are looking for a garden building on a budget, this one will be a great starting point.


Bespoke Design Concepts Brochure

Every time we visit someone we prepare a design of their bespoke garden room. As with everything not all of them turn to orders, however some are great designs which can inspire you and give you an idea for your garden building.


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You are just seconds away from your new room in the garden. Send us your project requirements and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your quote. If you want we could even book a Free Site Survey, during which we will visit you in your garden to discuss your ideas.