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Small Annex Example (6x4m)

From £54,900


Designed to accommodate one person, this small annex will fit in a small garden. Its walls have better insulation value than most houses in the UK, making it a perfect place to live in. As the building could be installed as a mobile home, planning permission is not required.

Medium Annex Example (10x4m)

From £71,000


Perfect for two people, insulated to a higher standard, designed to look amazing in every garden. As the building could be installed as a mobile home, planning permission is not required.

Large Annex Example (11x6m)

From £115,000


This two-bedroom large annex will be a very luxurious accommodation for a couple who often need an additional bedroom. Large, spacious and attractive design make it a great annex. As the building could be installed as a mobile home, planning permission is not required.

What is the difference between an Annex and a Mobile Home

Aesthetically and in the quality of building there is no difference. Mobile Homes don’t have to stand on wheels or look like a caravan. The main difference is in the small print of the law:

  • Mobile Homes do not require planning permission and can be installed in protected areas, Areas of Natural Outstanding Beauty and everywhere else where obtaining a planning permission would be impossible.
  • Mobile Homes have 0% VAT rate while Annexes have 20% VAT.

The table below illustrates few more differences.

FeaturesAnnexMobile Home
VAT20%0% (with bathroom and kitchen)
Planning PermissionRequiredNot Required
Building ControlRequiredNot Required
SizeAs permitted by planning application20.6m x 6.7m (65.61ft x 21.98ft)
HeightAs permitted by planning application3.05m (10ft) floor to ceiling
Ability to relocateNoYes

If you have more questions please feel free to get in touch with us and we will answer all your questions. From our experience, after successfully building a number of mobile homes, we would recommend this route as cheaper and faster way to your perfect garden building.

All our annexes and mobile homes are individually designed. They are also built on site. This allows us to get into hard to reach sites and will give you a much higher quality standard of building which is comparable to a new build house, with an insulation above the level required by building regulations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a planning permission for your a mobile home? Our mobile homes do not require planning permission, as in the light of the law they are not classified as buildings. Therefore they can be installed in areas where obtaining a planning permission from the council is often impossible, or where permitted development rules do not apply.

How tall can the building be? The maximum inside height of luxury mobile home is 3,05m (10 ft). There is not restriction on the external height. In case of annexes the height will only be restricted by the planning application, but we recommend an inside height of 2.4m (7.87 ft).

Will there be a problem in installing a bathroom if my garden slopes down? No, we can install a toilet more than 100m (328 ft) away and 7m (22.96 ft) below your house. If your house is further away there are other options which will solve the issue.

Can you install a green roof on annex or mobile home? Yes we can, and it is a lovely feature to add. We usually advise a green roof when you can see the roof of your new building from the house.

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