We use ground screws, ground piles or ground pedestals, depending on your location and garden surface. The screw system is faster, cheaper, and cleaner than cement. In addition, it will better protect your building from humidity. We can install them in any weather condition, and they are environmentally friendly.


The mainframe of your garden room is built with 100mm thick SIP boards (Structural Insulated Panel). SIPs panels give you an energy-efficient pre-insulated structure, much stronger and better insulation than any other traditional frame construction. Using SIPs panels allows us to work faster, making it more cost-effective for you. They are also naturally greener than other build types.


The floor of your garden room is built with 100mm thick SIPs panels. For extra protection against moisture, the side facing the ground is covered with an EPDM membrane. An 18mm chipboard is laid on top of the SIPs panels, giving you a floor strong enough to withstand the weight of gym equipment or workshop machinery.


The roof of your garden room is made using 150 mm SIPs panels and covered with EPDM Rubber Cover, which gives you superior quality and 50 years life expectancy. We also give you the option to have a green roof installed for additional insulation and biodiversity.


Depending on the model you choose or your preferences, we can install uPVC, aluminium or wooden doors and windows. They are all certified and come with double glazing and toughened glass.


Depending on the model or your imagination and taste, we have a range of external finishes, from traditional British redwood cladding to cement particles bords. Before any type of external finish is applied, your entire garden building is wrapped with a breathable membrane, adding further wind and water protection. As standard, at the back and on no visible sides, we use PVC boards, for a long-lasting, no maintenance finish.


All our garden rooms come with internal wall or ceiling mounted LED lights and external LED lights with remote switches, which are installed by our certified electrician. Depending on the side of your garden building, we will always make sure you have plenty of light.


The number of sockets installed depends on the size of your garden building or your personal needs. All sockets are doubles, some with a USB output built-in, and come in white plastic as standard. Optional internet socket and armoured internet cable.



Depending on the model, or your imagination, we use various external finishes, from traditional British redwood cladding, to special facia boards such as cement particle panels. Before any type of external finish is applied, your entire building will be wrapped in a breathable membrane, which will protect the main construction adding additional wind and water protection.


All our garden rooms come with lights and electric sockets, complete with USB ports, which are installed by our certified electricians. The number depends on your needs, and if you would like to change them to chrome plated, just let us know. Depending on the size of your building, we will make sure you have plenty of light. We can position lighting units based on your needs.

To make sure you have an internet connection we will also run an internet cable to your building, alongside the electric cable. This will ensure you have a good connection even when positioned far from your home.


All of our doors and windows provide you with great insulation and ease of use. Depending on the model you choose or your preferences, we install uPVC, aluminium or wooden doors and windows. They are all certified, and are exactly the same as those installed in modern buildings.



Every garden building requires stable and reliable foundations. In our case, we mostly use ground screws. These are about 1 metre in length and are screwed right into the ground. This provides a perfectly level foundation, even in the most uneven garden.

The advantages of using the screw system are:

– You get a long lasting garden building: the mounting plate is around 5cm off the ground allowing ventilation below the floor level, protecting your garden room from humidity.

– There’s no damage to grass, tarmac or paving: only the small area where the screw is to sit will be disturbed.

– It will save time: the screw will be installed in just a few hours and we can start building right away.

– They can be installed all year round with no delays for rain or snow.


To build the main frame of your garden building, we use SIP construction boards (Structural Insulated Panel). They provide amazing insulation, are sturdy and long-lasting, and allow us to build quicker than a traditional timber framework. The main walls and roof are often ready within the first 2 days of the build.
SIP panels come in various thicknesses. As standard, we use 100mm boards, which will provide 78mm of insulation. No other product on the market gives such great insulation value at this thickness. This makes your building larger inside, warmer in winter, and cooler in summer.

The floor, walls and roof are all constructed using SIP boards, effectively creating a thermos. We want to be sure that your room in the garden conserves as much energy as possible, so you won’t need to use much heating, even in the middle of winter.


Your garden building floor is also constructed from SIP panels, which provide very sturdy support for desks and chairs. Again, it’s all fully insulated to make a much warmer room.
On top of the SIP panels, we put floor underlay, and on the top of this, we install the floor panels. Our standard designs come with Luxury Vinyl Panels. They have a very nice wood-like finish, but because they are made entirely from plastic, they will not absorb moisture like MDF boards, so you get a perfect floor for years to come.

But the possibilities are endless, and depending on the use of your new garden room, you may prefer engineered wood, ceramic tiles, a hard-wearing metal floor or rubber (perfect for a home gym).


Each of our buildings is finished with moisture resistant plasterboard, smoothed and painted, which creates a perfect finish; just as you would expect from a wall in your home. We spend a lot of time making sure that your building is absolutely perfect for you. For the long term, it’s definitely worth getting this part just right.


The roof will be made using minimum 100mm thick SIP panels covered with a EPDM Rubber Cover. This durable membrane offers superior quality and gives 50 years of life expectancy. This solution also allows you to choose the option of a green roof if you would like to.

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