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Privacy Policy

By sending your details to us you give your permission to A Room in the Garden Ltd. to use the information you have provided to schedule a site survey and – if I decide to use your services in the future – to deliver the product and service you have chosen.

What data we collect

We only collect data through our Get Started form. In this form we ask for your name, email address, phone number, house number or name and street name, town or city, your postcode and what type of building you are interested in.

What happens with your data?

When you send your Get Started request to us your data arrives in the form of an email. Later we add the data to our database and get in touch with you to schedule a meeting.

How we use your data

We use the data to get in touch with you and schedule our site survey visit to discuss your project, and later to deliver our products and services to you if you decide to use our company for to build your garden building.

When your project is completed and delivered, we use your data to get in touch with you to ask about your building’s condition, and to arrange or carry out any necessary warranty checks which could be during a site visit.

Occasionally we might send you an email regarding our projects, important changes in pricing, procedures or lead times. This will not occur more often than twelve times per year.

Who might we share your data with?

We do not share your data with other companies for any marketing purposes. Your data will never be shared with or sold to another company for the purpose of them contacting you with an offering. We don’t like this practice, and we would not take part in it.

We only share your data with our suppliers and contractors for the purposes of delivering your project. For example, we will have to give your home address to a timber merchant, so they can deliver the timber we will use to build your project. Or we may need to give your name and address to a certified electrician to survey your electrical connection and issue a safety certificate. These are the only occasions we will share your data with another company, and unfortunately, in these cases it is unavoidable.

Please rest assured that we protect your privacy as much as possible, and more often than not we use our own names and company address for deliveries.

Who has access to your data?

All of the office based employees in our company have access to your data. Currently this is 7 people, including the owners and directors of the business. They are tasked with managing your data and make sure that it is kept safe.

The system we keep your data in is a secured, password protected system with data encryption.

How can you access the information we hold about you?

At any time you can send an email to admin@aroominthegarden.co.uk to request the full set of data we hold about you. We will send it out to you within 14 working days.

How can you remove your data from our system?

At any moment you can send an email to admin@aroominthegarden.co.uk requesting removal of your data from our system. We will delete all the information we hold about you and all email correspondence we have exchanged.

Please bear in mind that this will make it impossible for us to contact you, and should you require any help with your building you will have to contact us and give us new consent to store and manage your data.

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