The type of doors and windows chosen for a garden room can greatly change its look, as well as having plenty of natural light to radiate your room. Our selection offers different materials, shapes, sizes and some cost-effective options to suit your needs.


All of our doors and windows come with double-glazing and toughed glass, to ensure not only durability but effective insulation all year round compared to single-glazing. Whichever you may choose, you are guaranteed long-lasting durability, free from clanky and stubborn locks and handles.

We have multiple types of windows and doors to choose from, which includes sliding, bi-folding, and french doors, as well as open/tilt windows. The doors and windows chosen will be designed to provide your garden room with plenty of natural light.


You can choose between uPVC, Aluminium or Timber/Wooden doors and windows for your garden, all of which are certified. Each comes in our standard Anthracite white or Anthracite black, but is available in various colours for an additional charge.

Depending on what you may choose for your garden room, going for a more cost-effective option doesn’t mean compromising on quality. UPVC is the most cost-efficient option in our selection, providing weather resistance and low maintenance for your garden room.

Aluminium doors and windows have a thinner frame and a larger glass size, which boasts a very sleek look. Its robust material needs little to no maintenance during its long lifespan.

Timber doors and windows provide a natural wooden look to your garden room. Keeping them maintained would also give them the longest lifespan of up to 60 years.


If you would like your doors and windows to look a certain way, whether it’s to match your main house or to meet a certain aesthetic of your garden room, then we can design them and have them custom-made exactly to your liking.

Whether you would like us to use the materials we currently provide or may favour something different, opting for something designed and custom-made will ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.


Working alongside Phantom Screens, we are able to offer you an insect-free and solar-protected garden room experience. Not only are these mesh screens weatherproof, but they also add a bit of privacy to your garden room.

Different colours are also available to match the aesthetic of your interior, which also provides a very smart look.

Image Credit: © Phantom Screens 2022


Adding integrated blinds can have great benefits for your garden room, such as temperature control and noise reduction, and offers an overall contemporary look.

To learn more about how integrated blinds can improve your garden room, you can visit our article on it here.

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