Your garden room should be a true extension of your home and is very important to us during the design process. Not only the exterior but the interior of your garden room is designed to match your style and to help give you some ideas of how you may want your interior to look.


Whilst we get to know more about you, it is also a great time to learn about how you envision your garden room, what style you would like to go for, and how it will represent your personality. You may have an idea of the interior look, or may not be sure at all. Either of these answers is absolutely fine, as each design we present of your garden room will always include some interior design that we hope inspires you.

Whether you’re into modern design, retro, antiques, minimalism or maximalism, we want the design of your garden room to speak volumes of who you are as a person.


Whether your garden room is small, large or any unique shape, the interior of your garden room will be designed to fill up your room with everything you need, while still providing plenty of convenient space. Not too much and not too little, the interior of your garden room is designed to work around your chosen shape & size.

We always include standard finished walls and flooring, all ready to have your furniture and decorations moved into your space. This can of course be changed to your liking, whether you would like wallpaper, carpets, or painted walls and ceiling with your choice of colour and paint.

If you would like us to completely arrange your interior, such as furniture, lights, appliances and more, then we are more than happy to work on this in addition to building your garden room.


A lot goes into designing the interior of a garden room, in order to make it as accessible as you need. From choosing handles that can be easily pushed and pulled, to easily accessible showers or kitchen cabinets, we put in all the details to make it your perfect space.

In the past, we worked with a client to design and build a completely open space, with each room separated by furniture (which you can read about here). The decorating and furniture were arranged by our client. After we completed the space ready for her, she made the last finishing touches that truly brought the whole interior together.

This particular project is a great example of how combining our designing skills and our client’s passion for interior decor can create the most perfect space for them. So whether you have plenty of ideas for the interior of your garden room, or may want to leave it up to us, we can guarantee your garden room will include both practicality and your individual style.

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