Keeping your garden room well-heated and insulated is very important if it’s to be used all year round. Our garden rooms are already built with SIP Panels that provide more effective insulation than a newly built home. If you would like any additional heating options, we have a range of different heating systems to choose from, keeping you nice and cosy in cold winters, as well as regulating the temperature during hot summer days.


All of our garden rooms are built with Structural Insulated Panels, which provide you with insulation that is even more effective than a new house. Building this into your garden rooms will help regulate the temperature of your garden building no matter what time of year. Having effective, energy-efficient insulation is key for all-year-round usage and a comfortable experience.


Wall-mounted heaters can be a great addition to your garden room. Its compact size means that it can fit in almost any room, whether it’s your bathroom, lounge or bedroom. Its heating power is fast-acting and circulates efficiently in every room. Keeping the door of your chosen heated room closed will also guarantee extra toastiness as soon as you walk in.


Whether it’s under your desk, sofa or bed, underfloor heating offers an unbelievably cosy temperature right under your feet. There are many benefits of opting for underfloor heating, such as its low maintenance costs, controlled temperatures, and its compatibility with most flooring. We use Rayotecs’ Underfloor heating, providing you with an energy-efficient and comfortable environment during the coldest seasons.


Adding a heating/cooling system to your garden room will contribute to all-year-round comfort in temperature. Whether it is the coldest or the hottest days of the year, you can rely on your heating/cooling system to keep your garden room temperature regulated, providing both heating and ventilation.

For an additional cost, we also offer air conditioning for each room priced at £2000. This type of cooling system comes in a compact sizing compared to traditional bulkier air conditioning, and can be mounted/fitted anywhere in your garden room.


One of the best feelings is to relax by the fireplace during cold evenings with a nice hot cup of tea. Just as you would experience this in your living room, why not make space for it in your garden room? Our electric stoves and fireplaces from Stovax Gazco will give your garden room a homely and cosy feeling, especially during winter.

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