When we install electrical appliances in your garden room, both the quantity and placement are planned to give you the most convenient access. Whether your garden room will be an office or a long-term home, we can provide the right amount of sockets or lights for all of your personal needs.


You don’t always have to opt for the standard white plugs. With four different colours to choose from, our plugs come with double sockets and are also available with USB sockets. The amount required will depend on the size of your garden room and what you will use it for.

We can add additional plugs if you would like plenty of access points for charging your phone, plugging in your computer or your tv or any hobby that needs convenient access to plug sockets.


All of our garden rooms come with standard LED ceiling lights. However, other internal lights can be installed to fit your garden room aesthetic. You might have an idea of having ceiling lights hanging down or wall-mounted lamps to beautifully light up your room. Whichever it may be, we can design and plan the interior of your garden room to incorporate these lights, especially for you.


Our external lights come as standard with each garden room. Depending on the size and shape of your garden room, these will be placed to beautifully light up your exterior, which will look especially gorgeous in the evenings and at night. If there are any particular external lights that you favour, you can let us know and we will install them on to your garden room for an additional charge.


Your garden room should include everything that is going to allow all-year-round comfort. That’s why installing additional appliances such as a humidistat fan and underfloor heating can greatly benefit your garden room. Having a humidistat will help avoid condensation in your garden room, especially if there is a bathroom included.

Having underfloor heating and a thermostat can help regulate your garden room’s temperature, as well as being able to use your garden room during very cold winters thanks to your toasty heating.


Our smart switches come in either white or anthracite, providing the function of set-timers for electrics in your garden room, access to all of the lights and also voice control.

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