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20 amazing garden office ideas to inspire you



Garden Offices have definitely seen greater relevance in recent times, with many working from home because of world events. For the last decade though, there has been a definite trend towards people working from home and we see no signs of this slowing any time soon. With the internet helping create many more micro businesses, and allowing all kinds of workers remote access to everything they need, the garden office is definitely here to stay.

Heading off to work is not the experience it used to be. Just as social media has revolutionised the way we interact with friends and relatives, making them available wherever they are, work is becoming non-geographic for many. We don’t all have to become digital nomads, roaming the globe and working from beautiful world heritage sites. Locating an office in your back garden can free you from a long commute or deliver a better work life balance, without loss of productivity.

What makes a good garden office? There’s so much to think about. We feel we have a good handle on this, our answer is simply that the perfect garden office is the one that works best for it’s new owner. With that in mind, what would your perfect garden office look like? How would it compliment your occupation?

Here’s a selection of our favourite garden offices from around the world. Are any of these firing up your imagination? Get in touch and let us know.


01. Rustic Brick

A basic shape using a material very similar to the brick surrounding it. With some clever ways of letting the  sunlight in, this little garden office is well lit whilst retaining some privacy for the occupant despite the small garden. (source: online)


02. A room with many views

Bored of what you see from your office window? No problem! You can move this office, built into a restored vintage caravan, to any location you like as it has been designed to be towed. (source: online)

Office vehicle


03. Garden office with a fireplace

A Room In The Garden designed this unique garden office with amazing views in mind. A tall, raised ceiling has timber cladding that continues towards the roof overhang, adding the visual impression of infinity. Why wouldn’t you want a wood burner in your office? It’s cosy and stunning. See more of our work in the Gallery here. (source: aroominthegarden.co.uk)

unique garden office with a fireplace


04. Well rounded 

We featured a similar spherical office pod before but this one is a different model. There are many reasons you might want a round building, the form is definitely the selling point here and we love the cladding that gives the construction a rare naturalistic look. (source: online)

Office pod


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05. Alone time

Big is not always beautiful. Sometimes you need to be alone with your thoughts to get the job done and a small private space for you and your laptop is all that is required. (source: Google)

Tiny pod office


06. Great shape

Here is a form which solves a problem, ending up with a striking architectural look. Gathering a huge amount of light without compromising anyone’s privacy, this very clever design makes the most of it’s footprint.  (source: Google)

Odd shape garden office


07. A South Korean Garden Office

This is probably the most exciting garage and garden office combination we’ve ever seen! It’s a fun and very creative idea from a truly interesting part of the world.  (source: Google)

SOuth Korean Garden Office


08. Container office

We love a structure created from recycled materials, surely this will be more common in time. There is something delightful about second leases of life. Although the aesthetic may not be for everyone, container buildings are almost certainly here to stay.  (source: Google)

Container Office


09. Corking!

A clean and simple design can be made or broken by the cladding material. The cork panels used to create the outer skin of this back garden office have such an attractive look that we really want to visit and feel their surface. The lovely interior caries on the minimal but stylish look. (source: Google)

Cork wall garden office


10. Be there, or be cubed

A classic cube with vertical cladding. It’s hard to argue with keeping it simple when this office has such a striking look. (source: Google)

cube Garden office



11. Tall, dark and handsome

Bold, dark vertical cladding on this garden office instantly gives the whole area a stylish modern theme. The asymmetric roof end and door placement has plenty of visual impact in the small space. (source: online)

Black garden office


12. Garden office by the pond

One of our favourite projects, built in what has to be one of the best looking private gardens we have ever seen. Shaped by the way our client works, this completely bespoke garden office has a number of amazing features, including custom made office furniture, a 29m long walkway bridge, a large pond fountain and fully automated and voice controlled electrics. See more of our work in the Gallery here. (source: aroominthegarden.co.uk)



13. More cubes

As we previously said, it’s hard to dislike a cube. These rounded off cuboid structures feel like an oversized, but beautifully made, piece of office equipment. (source: Google)

Soft Cube garden offices


14. Modern shingles

Shingles sometimes feel like they can only be used in a traditional styled building but this much more contemporary design looks really tranquil in a dark stain. The contrast between the outside and inside is really attractive. (source: online)

Simple garden office


15. Working hard or hardly working?

Just because you are working from your garden doesn’t mean you relax and in it too. Taking a break from work in this garden office means there might be time for a dip in the hot tub or some putting practice.  (source: Google)


16. Highly organised

Some people just love a high ceiling. And why not? Maybe the owner is tall, or maybe they need to store long things? Or possibly they just loved the shape of this imposing yet very enjoyable design. (source: Google)
high ceiling Garden office


17. Treehouse office

Did you ever have a treehouse? We would certainly like to own this one. For such a complicated design, with so many details to look at, it somehow still feels peaceful and fun. (source: Google)
Treehouse office


18. Shephard’s office?

This contemporary take on an East of England shephard’s hut straddles the old and the new with ease. It has a classic feel but contains features like a full length skylight and is fully insulated. (source: Google)
Shephard office


19. A writer’s retreat

A tranquil haven for a wordsmith. It’s very good looking, with it’s green roof and bold tile pattern, another design that blends contemporary materials with a calm natural feel. (source: Google)
writers garden room


20. Back garden bliss

Another one of our garden office projects, we can’t help but smile when we think of this one. A lovely garden office space for a beautifully manicured and sunny garden. It includes a storage room for it’s green fingered owners, containing tools and two full sized bicycles. See more of our work in the Gallery here. (source: aroominthegarden.co.uk)

Great garden office

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