A bespoke storage room designed to fit in the south-east corner of the garden. The roof has a delicate slope, which has been designed to maximise the amount of sun on a grass pitch.

Inside there is storage room for 3 bicycles, bins, garden tools, a barbeque and wood logs. A number of fitted shelves allow owners to store additional items.

Stained glass windows make the content invisible from the outside and create amazing light in the evening.
The entire construction is fully insulated, keeping the room free from mould and humidity. The green, living roof also prevents overheating during the summer.

Dimensions (w x d):

3.00 m x 1.30 m outside
2.85 m  x 1.18 m inside

Final Price:




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Full Specification:
  • Dimensions: 3.00 m x 1.30 m outside, 2.85 m  x 1.18 m inside
  • Foundations: concrete pile and wooden frame
  • Walls, floor and ceiling: 50mm insulated framework
  • Insulation thickness throughout: 50mm
  • Window and doors: wood, stained glass, toughened glass
  • External cladding: british red wood
  • Interior: plywood
  • Floor cover: floorboards, vinyl
  • Lights: 3 ceiling mounted lights, 2 external lights
  • Sockets: 2 double sockets, 1 with USB charger built in
  • Wall switch: 1 three way wall switch serving internal and external lights

All our buildings can be modified to your needs and taste. Should you wish to add a window, change a shape of the building or have extra lights and sockets installed, we will cover it during our design process.

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