East Grinstead, West Sussex

Our client is a lawyer overseeing complex cases with lots of paperwork. He has an impressive garden that includes a beautiful ornamental pond and mature trees. He wanted a garden room situated to enjoy the best views of this area, it was to be shaped by the way he works and to allow him relaxed moments away from his taxing job.




The garden office by the pond was a completely bespoke design, conceived to meet our clients every need. To create his perfect office space, we needed to know more about how he worked, what he needed to store or have close to hand, and what he did when taking a well-earned break. As we discovered his workflow and passions, it became clear to us as we found the correct proportions and floor plan for the client that we needed to design and build bespoke shelving and a stunning one-off desk to establish his perfect layout.

We addressed our client’s journey to his new garden office, as the wooded area is muddy in autumn and winter. We created a 29m long bridge to cross this part of the garden, it meets the decking area level without any steps. It has a retractable section, this lifts to allow a ride on lawnmower through into the wooded area.

At 9 by 5 metres large the entire garden office is highly insulated, with underfloor heating, full electricity and internet, plastered internal finish, covered outdoor area, cedar cladding, raised decking, fully lit outdoor area.

Special features include things like custom designed and made office furniture, huge walkway bridge, large pond fountain, underfloor sockets, 2 independent internet connections, fully automated and voice-controlled electrics.

It has a large raised deck, visually rooting the building to the bank. An outdoor covered area allows a comfortable but similar vantage point on days of inclement weather. The front of the office has unobstructed views of the whole area, with single doors at both ends and bi-folding doors centrally, we created a completely open feel when sat at the bespoke desk, that we also designed and made.

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