Cuckfield, West Sussex

When your house is unique, you want your garden building to match it and complement it. This is what we have achieved with this very bespoke creation.




When we first arrived to meet the client, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The house and its design were amazing. Mind-blowing. And when we started working on the design of the new garden gym, we knew it must complement the entire estate. After delivering four different designs, one was chosen without any additions or changes, so we started to build it.

Only around 6 by 4 metres, but almost 3.5 metres tall, this construction is visible from almost any place on this beautiful property. Large bi-folding doors open fully, giving the owners a great space to exercise with an amazing view while doing it.

Completed in just 4 weeks it was the first of six other projects we have delivered for this client. The biggest challenge in building it was actually focusing on the work, instead of admiring the stunning view.

Over the course of the year, we have completed a few more garden buildings, as shown in this short video. You see, some clients don’t leave reviews and testimonials. They just ask for more of what we do, and this is the best testimonial we can receive.

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