Unique Garden Rooms

All our Unique Garden Rooms are designed with you in mind. They match your taste, your garden and your house. They are a perfect garden rooms for your family and meet all the requirements you have.

You can specify any feature or material you like, any shape and size you have in mind, or let our garden room architects do the work for you. We guarantee to leave you with the space that you will never want to leave.

So different!

Personal and individual

What makes our unique garden rooms different from all others? They are uniquely designed with you in mind. We talk to you, your family and listen to what is important to you. Then we design something special, that is as individual as you are.

Care and attention

We start with a site survey and a long conversation. We ask what is important for you, how do you imagine your ideal space and what features are important. Using our formula of Form, Function, Flare and Finish we then develop initial design and prepare an estimate for your dreamed garden room.

Design and quality

Designed by architects and interior designers, your structure will be perfect when completed. With many projects behind our belt built especially for demanding CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, doctors and lawyers we will need to warn you that it will be difficult for you to leave this place.

Peace of mind

With our experience in working with demanding and high profile clients we know how to make sure that our cooperation on your project runs as seamlessly as possible.

For Small and Big Budgets

A bespoke, unique garden room tailored design doesn’t mean that your garden room has to be expensive. It really depends on what features you would like. Some of our clients want just a practical, inexpensive garden office, while others want to spend some more on a summerhouse with lots of decorative features. Whatever you choose, all our unique garden rooms are always build it to the same high standard.

Any Space, Any Size, Any Shape

Awkwardly shaped gardens, trees you want to keep or complicated access are no longer the problem – our unique garden rooms solve those issues. It’s the same for large, park-like gardens and lands. The garden room of your dreams can be built wherever you want it and however you want it.

Turn-key solution

Your involvement will be reduced to absolute minimum. We will take care of all aspects of your unique garden room project. From arranging all necessary documentation if needed, through informing your neighbours if you would like to, until the final moments during which we simply clean your new amazing space and hand you keys to a fully functioning garden room.

Your investment

Each of our unique garden rooms is designed individually, so they do not have set prices. There are some elements which are fixed during the process, but what dictates the final price of your bespoke garden room is the size, features and materials we use to build it. Below you will find some examples of investment made by others, just to give you an idea of the final price.


This is the price for our initial call and on-site design consultation meeting with our garden room architect. If you are more than 1 hour away from us we will offer a video call, or we will add a distance surcharge of £50 (and then £50 for each additional hour). For example, if you are less than 1 hour away from us, we don’t charge you anything, but if you are 5 hours away, we will add a surcharge for 4 hours.

From £270

Design of your garden room which will include 3D visualisations, animation video and PDF presentation file with the estimate of your build. It is delivered as a link and you can read it on all devices. The price starts with £270 for garden rooms under 15sqm, goes to £490 for buildings up to 30sqm, then to £710 for garden rooms up to 50sqm. All other (bigger or more elaborate designs are estimated individually, but they come to around £12 per sqm).


Certificate of Lawful Development drawings and submitted application to your local council with the help of our planning agent. It is a set of drawings required by each council and supporting statement letter (usually around 100 pages) with all the information about the project.


Planning Application drawings and submitted application to your local council with the help of our planning agent. It is a set of drawings required by each council, application form and application letter (usually around 100 pages) with all the information about the project.

Small Garden Studio Example

From £33,000

Small, but special garden studio example built right on the beach. A great example of something truly unique using marine-grade materials to withstand the sea water and high winds.Notice that this little structure does none of the walls meets at 90 degree angle.

Medium Summerhouse Example

From £57,000

Spacious space for the family of four. Perfect for late night movies and early gym routines. This summerhouse has ben built in the steep garden. The design of the building includes two pairs of large bi-folding doors, hidden steps and angled front wall.

Large Garden Office Example

From £123,000

Built in an amazing part of the large garden, almost in the ancient woodland. This room contains so many features, that it really is worth reading the entire list in the project details. TO mention just a few: bespoke furniture, Italian external wallpaper and magnificent suspended path.

What our customers think?

In this video you will hear a story of the project as seen by one of our customers, for whom we’ve built a unique garden office in his house in East Grinstead. Delighted with the outcome he takes you on the journey from start to finish, explaining how all his specific requirements have been met.

Start your own journey today and talk to us about what you have in mind. Get involved in the design process, get inspired by our ideas and achive the outcome that truly works for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a planning permission for my garden building?

Our garden buildings do not require planning permission in 99% of cases. If they do for any reason, there is a high chance we can install them as a mobile home. In this case, according to the law, they are not classified as buildings. Therefore they can be installed in areas where obtaining planning permission from the council is often impossible, or where permitted development rules do not apply.

How tall can the building be?

Under permitted development it could be between 2.5m and 4m depending where it will sit in your garden. If installed as a mobile home the limit is 3.05m (10 ft) between floor and ceiling. There is no restriction on the external height. Recommended height by us is 2.4m (7.87 ft) between the floor and the ceiling, as this gives a comfortable amount of room.

Will there be a problem in installing a bathroom if my garden slopes down?

No, we can install a toilet more than 100m (328 ft) away and 7m (22.96 ft) below your house. If your house is further away there are other options which will solve the issue.

Can you install a green roof?

Yes, we can, and it is a lovely feature to add. We usually advise a green roof when you can see the roof of your new building from the house.

Will I be able to fit my gym equipment, especially my treadmill?

Yes, you will. We will find a specific solution or suggest that you increase the internal height of your building to 2.4m (7.87ft) like in our standard room.

Do I need to organise foundation or electrical connection?

No, we offer a turn-key service, which means everything will be don for you. We connect your structure to your mains (or even to a brand new electrical connection if you are building on a new land), water, sewage and take care of foundation.

Get Started

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