Bespoke Garden Office in Brighton

One could say it is a simple garden office, but this charming building has so many design features that make it unique. It fits perfectly into this long, but narrow garden.

There are a lot of companies building garden offices that look exactly the same. Most potential clients are searching for the best possible price. The look and individual design is less important for the majority. But that wasn’t the case here, the owners wanted to have something unique and different, but at the same time wanted the design to match their existing garden.

This was the second time we heard the most amazing words at the end of the project: “it looks like it was always there”. We designed this building to not only match existing features, but to give the owner a perfect work space. You can see the horizontal window placed to allow him to view the garden while working. You can see a little overhang that covers the left hand side of the building slightly, so the sun doesn’t get directly in his eyes. And you can see the large double French doors, which allow him to create an open feel during those lovely summer days.

Keeping things within budget was important, but that did not get in the way of features like armoured internet cable, underfloor heating and a hidden channel for tv socket installation. At the end of the day when work is done, this couple is planning to do a lot of relaxing here too.

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