Large Garden Room with Storage in Hove

This modern, spacious and very bespoke design fits between two trees and provides two amazing for the family of four.

At almost 30sqm this garden room provides a lot of usable space. The main part is a great and bright playroom and cinema room, while the other is a storage for all bicycles and garden equipment, with a little bit of space for a small workshop bench and…. drum kit.

We have designed this garden building to fit between two trees which owners wanted to keep. That actually is what created this lovely looking shape with a large overhang at the front, covering wide bi-folding doors and the entrance to the storage area.

We used a redwood batten-like cladding in two different directions. This gave this garden room a very modern and simplistic look, softened by the round LED downlights on the left hand side.

Large decking area will be used for some chairs and a table, which we believe will be used very often during the summer.

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