Pool House and Garden Office in Hove

A beautifully composed three level terraced garden. This pool house and garden office have been designed to maximise available space and bring a luxurious feel to the top level of this long garden near Hove Park.

Simple, with straight lines, but perfectly matching the house and the surroundings. This 4.5×4.5m studio will be a workshop for a well known ceramic artist, whose work are sold in art galleries around the world. Fully insulated, with underfloor heating and plenty of light, this place will not only provide a comfortable work conditions, but it is beautifully composed into this immaculate garden.

After almost seven weeks on site our client was very happy with the final outcome. Initially we proposed two different design concepts – one for the left side, another on the right side of the garden – to find the best solution for the way this family is using their outdoor space. After the decision had been made we completed the design and started work on the building.

Including a fully featured bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, this luxury garden room is just under 30sqm in size. As part of the project we also built a large decking area in front of the main entrance and incorporated a very modern fire pit.

Pool house and garden office from A Room in the Garden on Vimeo.

This project illustrates our full range of services and also our flexibility and willingness to work with the client to achieve the exact result they want. We cleared the garden, installed ground screw foundations, allowing us to level the ground (in some places this garden building is almost 70cm off the ground) and run the sewage pipe to the main manhole at the back of the house. Not the easiest of tasks if you want to preserve the rest of the garden.

During the installation process we also introduced a number of changes in specification, as the client wanted to have fixtures matching their house. As a result the final effect is a mini house at the back of their garden, with an instantly familiar feel.

With wired internet connection, remotely controlled lights and underfloor heating, this beautiful garden room is an amazing addition to an already lovely garden. The most fascinating and magical thing about this project is that despite it’s size, you can’t really see it until you get to the top level. As you can see in the video, it is so well hidden, we couldn’t get a photo from the other end of the garden.

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