Unique Garden Storage Room in Hove

There are bespoke orders, but there are also unique ones, this is one of the most unique garden rooms we have built. We were commissioned by a person whose love of rabbits has no limits.

In a small garden, in new-build property on the verge of Hove, lives a person whose love of rabbits knows no boundaries. So when the idea for a garden room came up, we were contacted to create something really bespoke and unique.

This storage room has two distinctive features. One is a bespoke designed stained glass window, another one is stainless steel facia boards with a laser cut rabbit shape. The final result is amazing, and brings a lot of happiness to the owner.

Although the garden building is small (thanks to that we could install it literately millimetres from both boundaries) it perfectly shows the level of options and the customisation that can be achieved. We could almost say that A Room in the Garden was born for these unique orders.

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