With years of experience designing and constructing custom garden rooms for residential and commercial clients, we are equipped to apply our expertise to educational spaces. We specialize in creating versatile, well-engineered outdoor structures tailored to an institution’s unique needs. Whether it is an art studio, music room, cafeteria expansion, or classroom building, we can collaborate with school leadership to understand their goals and requirements.


We understand every school has unique needs and budgets. That’s why we offer customizable garden room solutions suitable for any institution. For modest builds like storage sheds or maintenance structures, we can blend durable, low-cost spaces into existing grounds.

For more significant investments into spaces such as art studios, classrooms, cafeterias, and even indoor swimming complexes.  We can design and construct permanent, resilient, standalone structures tailored to your vision, and meet your specifications at any budget level.


Thoughtfully designed, resiliently constructed garden rooms send a profound message – that students’ environment and activities are priorities worth investing in. Whether it’s multi-functional rooms that allow evolving teaching methods. Durable, low-maintenance finishes that withstand constant use from students and resources, or human-centred touches like artwork displays and exciting wall finishes. Students and staff can feel empowered entering rooms purpose-built just for them and their studies or teaching.

The quality and time put into constructing unique, high-quality buildings say to students, faculty, and the community that this school deeply cares about education experiences happening within its walls.


Two measuring tapes are arranged on the ground forming a cross, exemplifying meticulous architectural design. One is a white tape measure with meter markings, and the other is yellow with centimeter markings. They are placed over grassy soil and a brick-paved area. - a room in the garden



Design consultations are complimentary within 1 hour of our office. For farther sites, there is a £50/hour surcharge beyond the first hour of travel, or a free video call option so Lukas can still review your property and discuss your vision. He’ll survey your space, ask questions, and discuss your needs to design the perfect custom garden room tailored to you

exterior design services for schools


From £870

Our proposal includes high-quality rendered images showing every angle and detail, interior and exterior measurements of your garden room, and a 3D terrain scan to map the new structure onto your existing garden. Also included is a detailed budget estimate outlining full project costs. Pricing starts at £870 for garden rooms and £1,700 for annexes and mobile homes. With our comprehensive proposal, you’ll have an in-depth plan to create your ideal garden retreat.

A classroom in one of the recently renovated school buildings features red round tables and blue chairs, individual desks with computers against one wall, and various educational supplies on a side table. A world map, clocks, and plants decorate the room while overhead skylights provide natural lighting. - a room in the garden


£70 an hour

Elevate your space with our interior design expertise. Our talented designers will collaborate with you one-on-one to bring your unique vision to life. During an initial consultation, we’ll understand your style, space requirements and budget. Then we’ll transform your wishes into tangible plans. Let us guide you in creating interiors that beautifully balance functional needs with aesthetic flair. Our bespoke designs showcase what makes you unique.

Close-up of three document binders, each labeled in black handwriting on white labels. The red binder is labeled "PLANNING," the purple binder is labeled "BUILDING CONTROL," and the stack beneath includes one marked "PLANNING PERMISSION" for a garden room. The binders are resting on a surface. - a room in the garden



Certificate of Lawful Development application (provided if needed: £1,800) with the assistance of our planning agent, or a Planning Permission application (provided if needed: £2,700) also with the assistance of our planning agent. Both include all technical drawings and documentation required by the council, typically around 100 pages total, as well as a supporting statement letter containing all details about the project.


Our garden rooms can align with your school’s design and enhance facilities while serving students and teachers. We evaluate existing architecture, colours, flow, and atmosphere then craft plans for structures complementing your visual identity and culture.

Our methodic approach elevates form, flair, function and finish—constructing resilient rooms that mirror your brand image while enabling new levels of educational experience within your grounds.


Ready to learn

Each of our buildings is carefully designed and constructed to align with its specific use.

Customized Care

Our services are tailored to your unique requirements, providing a personalised touch that sets us apart.

Up to standard

We can ensure that all health and safety requirements are met, as well as building regulations for school premises.

Transparent and Fair Assessment

You can trust that our quotes and evaluations are honest and reflect the true condition and needs of your garden room.

For everyone

Our buildings will include the necessities for easy accessibility for all students and staff.

Customer Satisfaction

We go the extra mile to ensure that you are delighted with the outcome of our services.


Our service doesn’t just end at the construction. Through scheduled check-ins and maintenance, we ensure your customized buildings consistently enrich students’ and staff’s education experiences, upholding the spaces optimized for academic excellence now and for years to come.

Visit our Maintenance and Alterations page to learn more about our services.

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