Adding decking alongside your garden room will provide you with a great opportunity to add a sitting area, stairs or to decorate around your garden building. With the two standard options we offer, decking automatically gives your garden a platform and takes up a lot of unused space which you will engage with a lot more.

We provide either redwood or composite decking, which you can choose and even add anything additional to it such as a certain finish or even colourful tiles and patterns. Whichever you may choose, we will ensure to have it match or contrast with your garden rooms’ external finish beautifully.


Before we start building your decking, we always begin with adding ground screws, piles or pedestals which are chosen depending on what is best for your garden. They are installed in order to keep your garden room and decking long-lasting, avoiding humidity and wood rot.

Adding a layer of composite and aluminium will also protect your decking from any rot, as well as lessen the damage to your grass.


If you would like to go for something that provides the warm and natural tones of wood, then redwood could be your best choice. Whether you want to stain it to match the cladding of your garden room or let the colour contrasts each other, redwood has a long-lasting and durable lifespan of around 30 years.

For the best results, we recommend the occasional bit of care and varnish annually to keep its warm tones and healthy appearance.


Composite decking provides great durability, low maintenance and long-lasting benefits. It is versatile when it comes to choosing its colour, as well as boasting a smart and uniform look to your garden and your room.


Your decking does not have to be limited to a square platform, your decking can be shaped around your garden room however you like.

The height of your decking can completely differ depending on what you are looking for. This can include your decking being high enough for there to be stairs leading up to your garden room, or a flat platform in front of your room that provides a convenient space for friends and family to sit and relax.

The height of your decking can also depend on how accessible you want your garden room to be, in which we can help find the perfect solution for you.

The shape and size of your decking can match the shape of your garden room, but it doesn’t always have to. From a majestic pathway to your special place to making your deck your stage, the possibilities are endless.

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