1st April 2024, Brighton and Hove, UK – A ROOM IN THE GARDEN, a pioneer in bespoke garden room designs, is thrilled to announce the launch of an extraordinary innovation in outdoor living spaces: the Gravity-Defying Garden Room. This ground-breaking concept introduces a garden room that levitates a few inches above the ground, creating an illusion of floating on air, a first of its kind globally.

Utilizing advanced anti-gravity technology developed together with a well known electric car company, A ROOM IN THE GARDEN has transcended traditional architectural boundaries, presenting a solution that eliminates the need for foundations. This not only reduces environmental impact but also offers unparalleled views and a unique sensation of floating, enhancing the tranquillity and aesthetic appeal of any garden.

“Our Gravity-Defying Garden Rooms are designed to inspire and elevate your outdoor experience, both literally and figuratively,” said Lukas Brzozowski, head designer and owner of A ROOM IN THE GARDEN. “We are committed to pushing the limits of design and innovation, and this latest offering embodies our mission to create spaces that are not just functional but truly magical.”

These levitating garden rooms are tailor-made to fit any outdoor space, be it a small city garden or a sprawling country estate, and are customizable to individual tastes and requirements. The anti-gravity technology not only serves as a stunning visual feature but also provides practical benefits such as easy relocation, enhanced views, and a novel approach to outdoor living, which comes especially handy in smaller gardens.

Another benefit of this innovative solution is total freedom for property owners without the need of worrying about planning permission, even if you are in a conservation area. And when you move the house, A ROOM IN THE GARDEN will help you to take your garden room with you.

As pioneers in the garden room industry since 2017, A ROOM IN THE GARDEN continues to lead the way in creating unique, sustainable, and breath-taking outdoor spaces. The Gravity-Defying Garden Room is a testament to their innovative spirit and dedication to excellence.

For those ready to elevate their outdoor living experience and defy the conventional, A ROOM IN THE GARDEN invites you to discover the future of garden rooms. Because why just landscape, when you can airscape?

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