Garden Rooms

Pre-designed Garden Rooms are great addition to your garden. They come in specific sizes and few options you can customize, but comparing to our unique creations they are much more budget friendly option.

This does not mean you can’t customise them even more, as we always let our clients pick and chose however they’re pleased. Also, it goes without saying that we don’t compromise on quality of service and build we are well known for.

SOLO Garden Office Pod

From £10,450

When your space is limited or you simply want a one person office in the garden, SOLO might be a perfect answer. The smallest of our pre-designed garden rooms offers a comfortable, fully insulated and heated space for one desk and one chair with some shelves. It will work perfectly for those who spend long hours behind their keyboards and are looking for a quiet place away from house noise.

PRIMO Garden Rooms

From £15,890

Our goal in creating the PRIMO range is to deliver a great garden building at a very affordable price without any compromise on the quality or the finish we are known for. PRIMO buildings come in 3 different depths and 3 different widths. In total you can choose between 9 different versions. These pre-designed garden rooms are built for all-year-round use and can be used as spare guest rooms too, whatever the weather.

CARGO Garden Rooms

From £19,750

For some the industrial look of metal and beautiful warmth of natural plywood interior is the best combination ever. This is why we created CARGO. Pair it with black sockets, switches and lamps, and you have an amazing room in your garden – an office, studio, or additional bedroom. CARGO buildings come in 3 different depths and 3 different widths. In total you can choose between 9 different versions. These pre-designed garden rooms, like all our creations,  are built for all-year-round use.

ELLE Garden Rooms

From £17,540

Some spaces require a garden room in a corner, where you can see through front and side windows. ELLE has been designed to meet this demand. With bi-folding or sliding doors as standard and large side arranged in an L shape configuration, you can place it in the corner of a larger garden. You can choose between 9 different size versions and as all our rooms this one is too built for all-year-round use.

TETTO Garden Rooms

From £27,320

TETTO has been designed with this additional outdoor, but still covered space in mind. For those who want to dine outside or relax with the book in the shade and have enough space in their garden for larger structures. As all other garden rooms this is an all-year-round space. It comes in 9 different sizes, however the length of the overhang roof can be adjusted to your liking. With bi-folding or sliding doors as standard, this room will perfectly suit a family who like their outdoors.

SPAZIO Garden Rooms

From £34,200

Let’s bring some more colour into the garden room. Custom RAL options, a lot of covered outdoor space, modern and striking design – this amazing design is designed for large gardens, where it can be a focal point and seen from a distance. With all 9 pre-designed sizes there will be an option for all needs, giving you a beautiful space to work and relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a planning permission for pre-designed garden rooms?

Our pre-designed garden rooms do not require planning permission in 99% of cases. If they do for any reason, there is a high chance we can install them as a mobile home. In this case, according to the law, they are not classified as buildings. Therefore they can be installed in areas where obtaining planning permission from the council is often impossible, or where permitted development rules do not apply.

How tall can the building be?

Under permitted development it could be between 2.5m and 4m depending where it will sit in your garden. If installed as a mobile home the limit is 3.05m (10 ft) between floor and ceiling. There is no restriction on the external height. Recommended height by us is 2.4m (7.87 ft) between the floor and the ceiling, as this gives a comfortable amount of room.

Will there be a problem in installing a bathroom if my garden slopes down?

No, we can install a toilet more than 100m (328 ft) away and 7m (22.96 ft) below your house. If your house is further away there are other options which will solve the issue.

Can you install a green roof?

Yes, we can, and it is a lovely feature to add. We usually advise a green roof when you can see the roof of your new building from the house.

Will I be able to fit my gym equipment, especially my treadmill?

Yes, you will. We will find a specific solution or suggest that you increase the internal height of your building to 2.4m (7.87ft) like in our standard room.

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