Summer House and Garden Office near Hove Park

Very special and modern summer house and garden office for a lovely family of four, featuring a number of special features and solutions that make this bespoke garden building not only a pleasure to have but also a joy to look at.

Cabin on the Lake in Chelwood Gate

Designed to match the existing architecture of this modern family home and to make the best use of an amazing spot in their garden.

Pool House and Garden Office in Hove

A beautifully composed three level terraced garden. This pool house and garden office have been designed to maximise available space and bring a luxurious feel to the top level of this long garden near Hove Park.

Bespoke Garden Studio in Horsham

Previously a double garage, this is now an amazing garden studio with separate storage space and hidden wardrobe. With a large, extended roof on both sides, it is a perfect addition to this beautiful garden in the centre of Horsham.

Large Playroom in Haywards Heath

When a family of five runs out of space in their house, a garden playroom is a great idea, especially when it includes a bathroom and can be used all year round.

Large Garden Gym in Cuckfield

When your house is unique, you want your garden building to match it and complement it. This is what we have achieved with this very bespoke creation.

Garden Room and Playroom near Hove Park

A two level roof, a mixture of timber cladding and a large decked platform make this garden gym and playroom an amazing addition to a garden near Hove Park.