A modern, single-story house with large glass sliding doors, illuminated by exterior lighting, stands at dusk. The inside features a blue glow, and a lounge chair is placed on the wooden deck outside. Trees and a clear night sky are in the background. - a room in the garden
A modern outdoor garden office with large sliding glass doors is surrounded by greenery. The office has a wooden exterior and some outdoor seating, including a chair and a small table. The sky above is clear and blue, and the yard in front has a patchy lawn and stepping stones. - a room in the garden
A modern, warmly lit wooden patio features a lounge chair on a wooden deck. The ceiling and walls are lined with wood panels, with recessed lighting on the ceiling. A partial wall with decorative tiles showcases a built-in tree, creating a serene, cozy ambiance. - a room in the garden

Summer House and Garden Office near Hove Park

Very special and modern summer house and garden office for a lovely family of four, featuring a number of special features and solutions that make this bespoke garden building not only a pleasure to have but also a joy to look at.

A modern wooden cabin on stilts is nestled among trees by the edge of a serene lake. Its reflection is clearly visible in the calm water, surrounded by lush greenery and tall grasses. - a room in the garden
A sunny room with wooden flooring, large bi-folding glass doors opened to a spacious wooden deck, and a skylight in the ceiling. The deck overlooks green trees and a neighboring house. The room is bright and modern with natural light flooding in. - a room in the garden
A modern, illuminated house stands by a serene lake at night. The house's lights cast a warm glow, reflecting beautifully on the still water. Tall trees surround the scene, silhouetted against the twilight sky. - a room in the garden

Cabin on the Lake in Chelwood Gate

Designed to match the existing architecture of this modern family home and to make the best use of an amazing spot in their garden.

A modern tiny house with wood paneling and large glass doors is nestled among lush greenery and various plants. The roof has wooden overhangs, providing a sheltered porch area. The house appears cozy and well-integrated into the surrounding garden. - a room in the garden
A modern wooden garden room with large sliding glass doors, set amidst lush greenery. The outdoor space features wicker furniture, including armchairs placed on a wooden deck leading up to the entrance of the garden room. The setting is serene and inviting. - a room in the garden
A modern room with light-colored hardwood floors and recessed lighting, featuring large sliding glass doors that open to a deck. Outside, there's a lush green garden with a wooden shed and trees in the background. To the left, a doorway leads to another room. - a room in the garden

Pool House and Garden Office in Hove

A beautifully composed three level terraced garden. This pool house and garden office have been designed to maximise available space and bring a luxurious feel to the top level of this long garden near Hove Park.

Modern wooden cabin with large windows, supported by vertical beams and surrounded by lush greenery. The structure features an extended covered porch and contemporary design elements. The ground is partially bare soil with some patches of vegetation. - a room in the garden
A modern, well-lit room with wooden flooring features a large skylight in the ceiling and several recessed lights. Large windows and sliding glass doors on two sides offer views of a garden with green foliage, allowing ample natural light to enter the space. - a room in the garden
A modern wooden structure features large, vertically oriented windows with black frames and a natural wood exterior. The ceiling is also crafted from wood, and outdoor lights are mounted above the windows. The image shows a perspective view along the side of the building. - a room in the garden

Bespoke Garden Studio in Horsham

Previously a double garage, this is now an amazing garden studio with separate storage space and hidden wardrobe. With a large, extended roof on both sides, it is a perfect addition to this beautiful garden in the centre of Horsham.

A modern, single-story wooden building with large glass sliding doors. The structure is surrounded by trees and has a neatly kept yard with grass and a dirt pathway leading up to the entrance. The sky is cloudy, casting a soft light on the scene. - a room in the garden
A modern, white-walled room featuring dark wood flooring. A partially open door leads to a brightly lit bathroom with a white vanity. Large sliding glass doors on the right open to a partially visible outdoor area with various objects in the background. - a room in the garden
A modern, partially enclosed patio with wooden decking and sliding glass doors. The overhang features recessed lighting, and exterior wall lights are mounted on the wood-paneled wall. A cozy indoor area is visible through the glass doors. - a room in the garden

Large Playroom in Haywards Heath

When a family of five runs out of space in their house, a garden playroom is a great idea, especially when it includes a bathroom and can be used all year round.

A modern, small wooden house with large glass windows is situated on a grassy hill. The sky is partly cloudy, and a leafless tree stands beside the house, casting soft shadows. The overall scene radiates peace with natural surroundings and clear weather. - a room in the garden
A modern room with large glass sliding doors open to a scenic view of a green lawn and a contemporary building with large windows. The sky is partly cloudy, and trees surround the buildings. The interior has light wood flooring and white walls. - a room in the garden
A small, modern wooden house with large glass windows sits amidst a lush green landscape beneath a vibrant blue sky scattered with clouds. Tall trees partially surround the structure, and the well-maintained lawn extends in front of the house. - a room in the garden

Large Garden Gym in Cuckfield

When your house is unique, you want your garden building to match it and complement it. This is what we have achieved with this very bespoke creation.

A modern wooden garden office with large windows and glass doors opens onto a wooden deck. The deck features outdoor furniture, including chairs, a table, and a sun umbrella. Green lawn and lush vegetation surround the area, with trees and bushes in the background. - a room in the garden
A bright room with a gray sectional sofa, indoor plants, and a shelving unit against a white wall. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors open to a lush backyard with patio furniture. A treadmill is positioned facing the glass doors, and recessed lighting illuminates the space. - a room in the garden
A modern tiny house with large glass sliding doors and wooden exterior paneling, set amidst lush greenery. In front, there are two black wicker lounge chairs on a wooden deck. The sky is clear with a single bird flying. - a room in the garden

Garden Room and Playroom near Hove Park

A two level roof, a mixture of timber cladding and a large decked platform make this garden gym and playroom an amazing addition to a garden near Hove Park.