A small modern cabin with large windows is illuminated warmly against a twilight sky, resembling an art gallery. The cabin is surrounded by silhouetted trees, with the sky transitioning from blue to pink, creating a serene and cozy atmosphere. - a room in the garden
A small, modern wooden shed with large windows stands in a green lawn surrounded by trees with autumn foliage. The minimalist design resembles an art gallery, and the scene is brightly lit by sunlight filtering through the leaves. - a room in the garden
A modern room with a large skylight, beige walls, and a tiled floor. It features glass sliding doors opening to a lush garden. There is a wooden table with a few objects on it, giving it the feel of an intimate gallery. A window on the right side lets in natural light, enhancing the airy feel of the space. - a room in the garden

Bespoke Garden Studio in Cobham

Modern design, clean lines and unique cedar cladding make this garden studio a perfect match for its surroundings and the house it belongs to.

A modern garden shed with large glass doors and windows, resembling a picturesque gallery, surrounded by lush greenery, including trees, bushes, and flowering plants. The shed features natural wood paneling and a small stone path leading up to the entrance, blending harmoniously with the garden. - a room in the garden
A bright room with light wood flooring resembles a gallery, featuring large, open-folding glass doors that lead to a lush garden with various plants and trees. A small open window on the adjacent wall allows even more natural light to fill the space. - a room in the garden
A well-lit gallery is visible through dense foliage at night. The interior lights illuminate the large windows, contrasting with the dark, leafy surroundings. The structure appears modern and inviting, set against a backdrop of tall trees. - a room in the garden

Bespoke summerhouse in Shoreham-by-Sea

Not far from a Shoreham-by-Sea port entrance we have built this bespoke summerhouse with very large bi-folding doors. Perfectly tailored to the space, it looks amazing at the end of the garden.

A small, modern wooden cabin is illuminated at night by exterior wall lights. The cabin features large glass doors and windows with black frames, showcasing the light wood paneling on the exterior like an art gallery. The surrounding area is dark, emphasizing the cabin's warm glow. - a room in the garden
A bright room with white wood-paneled walls and a wooden floor feels like an art gallery. There are two tall windows and a glass door leading to a garden. Natural light is illuminating the space through the windows and door, revealing an unfinished outdoor area with garden materials. - a room in the garden
A small wooden shed, reminiscent of a gallery, with a single glass door and a window, situated in a backyard. The shed features vertical wooden planks, a flat black roof, and stands beside a brick building with large windows in the background. - a room in the garden

Simple Garden Office in Portslade for two

One of our pre-designed garden offices in the small garden in Portslade. Perfect for two desks. As both of our clients run their own businesses, they really enjoy their commuting-free life.

Modern gallery with large glass doors and windows, framed in dark metal, featuring wood panel siding and soft exterior lighting. The building is set in a green lawn with trees and plants around it. One of the glass doors is open, inviting art enthusiasts inside. - a room in the garden
A well-maintained backyard with a modern small wooden shed at the end, its warm lights glowing at dusk. The surrounding garden is lush with various plants resembling a living gallery; a trampoline is partially visible on the right side. A paved patio leads to the shed. - a room in the garden
A minimalist home office features a corner desk with a computer monitor, tablet, and laptop. A black ergonomic chair is positioned at the desk, next to a black backpack on the floor. Adjacent to the desk is a large wall-mounted television, creating an inspiring workspace that feels like an art gallery. - a room in the garden

Bespoke Garden Office in Brighton

Perfect for someone working from home. Two-tonne cladding and a horizontal window that allows our client to see his entire garden from where he sits and works.

A backyard features a green lawn with stone pavers leading to a stone fire pit surrounded by tree stump stools. At the back, a wooden building with large glass doors opens to a patio resembling an outdoor gallery, adorned with potted plants, a hammock, and a swing seat. Trees and houses are visible beyond. - a room in the garden
A cozy backyard scene at dusk featuring a wooden house with large glass doors, warmly lit from the outside. There is a fire pit in the foreground surrounded by a patio that feels like an outdoor gallery. Decorative plants and a statue with a Buddha face adorn the area. - a room in the garden
A bright, sunlit room with large glass doors opening to a garden resembles an art gallery. The room features a wooden floor, a red armchair with a footrest, a yellow sofa, and a small wooden table. A potted plant near the glass doors and a small rug on the floor complete the inviting space. - a room in the garden

Summerhouse with Green Roof in Hove

Although the room’s internal dimensions are not that large, the entire construction takes the width of the whole garden. The extended roof is also covered with sedum, giving great views from the bedrooms of the main house.

A modern garden room with a white exterior, geometric stained glass window, and a mix of blue and green paneling is shown. It has an open door leading to a wooden deck, resembling an open-air gallery adorned with potted plants and an ornate table. The sky is clear and sunny. - a room in the garden
A bright room with white walls and dark wood flooring feels like an intimate gallery. A bed with blue bedding is placed against the wall, next to a vibrant stained glass panel in the window. A wooden chair sits nearby as sunlight streams through the glass doors, creating colorful reflections. - a room in the garden
A modern, small, white gallery with three illuminated doors at night. The doors feature vertical rectangular windows; one has multicolored blue and green panes. Exterior lights shine above, and the moon is partially visible in the hazy sky. A potted plant sits outside. - a room in the garden

Colourful Summerhouse with Stained Glass Window in Hove

This summerhouse has special colours, additional storage room and an amazing stained glass window. It is used as an occasional bedroom, therapy room and playroom.