From £69,420

This mobile home series embodies the essence of practicality and affordability, while maintaining our signature design flair. Offering 3 sizes that expand both in width and depth, the VITA homes will suit most garden spaces. The name itself is a reflection of their purpose, symbolizing an easy and uncomplicated way of living. Designed with simplicity in mind, VITA is an elegant solution for a budget-friendly dwelling that makes everyday living a truly delightful experience.


From £85,959

Our CALMA mobile home series presents a refined design, blending simplicity with elegance. The name evokes a sense of tranquillity, beautifully expressed through clean architectural lines and minimalist aesthetics. With three size options to choose from, CALMA provides a versatile living solution. Explore different possibilities for customisation through the additional features on offer.


From £112,358

The CARA mobile home series brings the charm of a traditional English cottage to your outdoor living space. The distinctive Tudor-inspired design detail of these homes blends classic style with a very efficient interior layout. The thoughtful floorplan makes optimal use of the available room to deliver comfortable, contemporary living. As the premier offering in our collection, CARA infuses your garden with sophistication inspired by tradition.

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