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Category: Technicalities

By Ivana Cavallo / 26-02-2019

Garden office and summer house foundations: The screw piling system

A very important part of building a garden room, no matter if a garden office, a summer house or simply a small storage room, is to make sure that the foundation is solid, strong and long lasting.

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By Lukas Brzozowski / 06-02-2019

How we build our garden rooms

Garden offices or summer houses are becoming more and more popular. In addition to being an easy and cost effective way to add space to your home (with a few rules to be respected, but generally no planning permission is required) they often represent a good investment for homeowners…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 26-01-2018

Bespoke garden rooms – colourful wood paint experiment

After a series of articles looking at the more serious side of garden room planning, such as Can I claim a garden office as a business expenses and How to fund your garden building and 7 garden offices and summer houses planning permission rules to keep in mind I decided it’s high time…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 10-09-2017

7 garden office or summer house planning permission rules to keep in mind

When my husband and I had the idea of starting a bespoke summer house and garden office company, the first thing we did was to…

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