By Ivana Cavallo / 11-11-2017

How to fund your garden office

Adding a garden office or a general use garden room (a garden gym? A room for meditation? Somewhere where occasional guests can stay overnight?) will affect your…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 07-10-2017

Is building a storage room, a summer house or a garden office a cost or an investment?

There is no denying it; building a summer house, a garden office or a storage room in your garden will affect your bank balance. But is this simply a cost, or it can be considered an investment? Could the addition of…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 10-09-2017

7 garden office or summer house planning permission rules to keep in mind

When my husband and I had the idea of starting a bespoke summer house and garden office company, the first thing we did was to…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 21-08-2017

5 reasons to have a garden office

Imagine a day in which your journey to work involves going out into your garden, walking down a path among beautiful plants and trees, opening the door of your garden office…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 15-08-2017

What is the right size of your new summer house, garden office or garden storage room?

When we started thinking about our new garden storage room, the first question we had to answer was, ‘How big do we want it to be?’ On one hand, we wanted…

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