Garden office options for every budget

Garden office options for every budget

When we think about a garden office, we often have an image of an amazing building, perhaps more luxurious even than a house. But we are sure it’s likely to cost a fortune.

It doesn’t have to be like that. It might be that you have the skills, materials, finances, tools and time to make your own office from scratch, but that sort of expertise is rare and if you don’t have it, you can easily end up making an expensive mess. So, this article is aimed at those of you who need a little help with your builds. Depending on your budget, you can choose what suits you best from a number of possible solutions.

We have collected different options that can cover most budgets, and we’ve added a few ideas to help you get the best out of them. Do note that the retailers listed aren’t a recommendation from A Room in the Garden. This is just what our research brought up when we were thinking about these office types, and we wanted to give you a rough idea of suppliers and prices. We recommend you to do your own research and read review before buying any online shed. We promise you, we do not make money from promotions!


5 reasons to have a garden office

5 reasons to have a garden office

Imagine a day in which your journey to work involves going out into your garden, walking down a path among beautiful plants and trees, opening the door of your garden office and sitting down behind your desk. All in a total of maybe 20-30 seconds.

If you run your own business, or even one with a few employees, or you work for a corporation that allows you to work from home, and have your own garden, the idea of having a proper working space in your garden must already have crossed your mind.

In case you are still wondering whether it could work, let’s push you in the right direction with 5 reasons that you really should invest in your own garden office.


1. You will have more time for you and your family (goodbye commuting!)

Think about it. How much of your day do you spend commuting to work? 1, 2, 3 hours? An article published in The Guardian in November 2016 states that 3.7 million people in the UK spend 2 hours or more commuting to work. This has such a negative effect on work life balance, increasing the level of stress and, consequently, reducing productivity.

Think what you could do with those 2 extra hours (without even considering the whole extra hour in bed in the morning!) Start that Italian cooking course you always wanted to do but never had the time for. Join (or start going to) the gym. Finally crack on with some serious gardening to get the garden in shape for the summer. Spend some quality time with your children (instead of rushing home just in time for the bedtime story). Or simply lying on the sofa with a nice cup of tea to watch that new series on Netflix!


2. You will save yourself a lot of money

You may object: “Ok, this is all well and good, but think of the cost! To build an office space in my garden, even if it’s small, would cost me at least £10-15 grand!” Yes. You are right. To build a small office room, you will have to invest a bit of money, but let’s do some maths. Write down the cost of your office space elsewhere. Now calculate how much you spend in travel expenses each month (fuel, parking, train/bus travel card). Finally, write down the average monthly cost of your lunch. Add that all up and multiply it by 12.

How many years would it take you to make up for the cost of your office? I made a calculation based on the Brighton and Hove area, and the answer was 2/3 years on average. From that moment, that nice sum you have on your piece of paper in front of you is no longer coming out of your pocket which will, of course, actually make you richer. That’s the summer holiday paid for!


3. No more cute surprises and vanishing papers

You go back to your room and your little girl has had a good time playing her game, but now your keyboard is covered with chocolate! And then her brother comes to argue, and that’s their juice all over your computer! And when you finally get to work, you find that your nicely packed briefcase has been quietly unpacked and is now full of plastic soldiers.

Oh, and do you remember the time you were sure you had stored that essential letter in the first draw of your desk, and now it just can’t be found anywhere? Well, you should probably have a look through your child’s pile of pictures… there is a good chance you will find it there. It may have some extra colourful drawings on it though!

Having a completely separate space from the rest of the house (which you can lock up securely when you are not working) will protect you, and your work, from those little hurricanes called children!

I know it might be a bit difficult on a windy, wintery morning, having to leave the comfort of your home to cross your garden to your office, but hey… I am sure you agree with me, it is worth the effort! Plus, well insulated and heated garden building will fill warm and cosy anyway.


garden buildings offer


4. You will improve your productivity and calm your mind (home and work are better kept separate!)

When working from home, work and family life tend to mix with each other causing distractions while we’re working, decreasing productivity, and therefore making us more stressed and nervous when we’re with our loved ones. Pretty much a disaster on every front!

I worked from home for many years, and my typical day looked a lot like this: Answer some email. The washing machine just finished its cycle. I better hang the clothes to dry now; it will only take me 5 minutes and I can do it with my phone hooked under my chin (not true – 30 is more like it!) Then I have a skype call with a client. That pile of paper over there is really getting on my nerves. As soon I hang up I have to sort it out. And now I’ve found my daughter’s homework under it and she needs it today. I need a break from this Excel document… I might quickly make the beds. And so on. Final result: the day reached its end, and the house was still in a mess, I had not finished that PowerPoint which my boss was expecting by the next day, and while my body is playing hairdressing with my little girl, my mind is jumping between home chores to work deadlines while feeling guilty for not really interacting with my daughter!

Working from a garden office that is completely detached from the rest of the house eliminates all those distractions that generally occur when working at home. As they say, out of sight, out of mind!

Also, you will be surprised how simply going out of your home and entering a different space dedicated exclusively to work will psychologically help you to enter in a working mood. This will then increase your concentration and will therefore make you more productive. This will leave you happier and with more time to dedicate to your home and to your family.


5. Your business meetings will have better results

A while ago we had an important meeting with a potential client. Because it was a very sunny day, we thought it would be a shame to close ourselves in an office. So, we decided to have the meeting in our garden. It was a great success! Being able to sit in a garden with a nice refreshing drink put all of us in a very relaxed and happier mood.

The same will happen to you. Scientists have proven that after just 5 minutes of looking at trees, green plants and being out in the fresh air, your heart rate drops and your mind is more relaxed. Imagine sitting in an office with a great view of your garden every day.

Your clients and employees will appreciate it too. It’s a much friendlier atmosphere, which will deliver better results, happier people and, as a result, better returns on your investments.


Any more questions?

Do you need any more convincing than that? Or do you need someone to help you answer any questions regarding sizes, prices, planning regulations and how to start? If so, browse our website and see if we look like a company that might be able to help you. If yes, contact us or fill in our questionnaire, and we will be in touch shortly.

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20 great summer houses ideas to inspire you

20 great summer houses ideas to inspire you

Summer houses were originally small, wooden constructions found in gardens or parks. They were a small, secluded getaway, where people went to cool down, relax or enjoy their hobbies during a hot, summer day.

Times have changed though, and so has the way that people use their summer house.

Summer houses are now used as extra storage rooms, offices, greenhouses, guest rooms… they have become outdoor, detached extensions to the main house. As their function changes, so does their design, and there are more and more options available out there. From minimalist and understated to bright pink, there is a style for everyone’s taste.

I spent a happy few hours going through the internet, taking notes of beautiful and different examples. You should too – a bit of this one here, a touch of that one there… Do you find yourself unable to choose between two? Or more? Perhaps the exact house thus far lives only in your mind, but show it to us, and we’ll make that dream a reality for you!

I’ve selected the list below to my favourite 20 summer houses for you to take inspiration from.

01. Super sleek

Simple straight lines make a clean and smart look. The large French doors allow for plenty of light, creating the illusion of a bigger space when they open. The perfect space to use as an office or a guest room. (source: online)

contemporary summer house

02. Is it a room?

A grass roof and garden walls makes this original summer house an integral part of the garden. It gives a great shelter to relax and enjoy your garden on a sunny or a rainy day. (source: online)

Summer house ideas

03. Colonial summer house

There’s a traditional, colonial look to this corner summer house. While still giving you a good internal space, its shape allows for a better use of the garden area. In general, corner summer houses are better for smaller gardens. (source: Google)

Colonial style summer house

04. Recycle me

We like the idea behind this house, and we’re jealous of those who have the room for it. Despite its larger size, this summer house has been completely built by reusing sturdy, wooden pallets. (source: online)

summer house idea

05. Charming hideaway

Are you a romantic? We love this small, cosy space, particularly the use of the big candles as a perfect alternative to electric lighting in your new room in the garden. (source: Google)

Romantic summer house

06. Wooden fairy house

This summer house brings a children’s fairy story to life! Using branches to cover the less exciting usual cladding is an excellent idea. The living roof completes the magical effect. (source: Google)

Summer house ideas

07. Another corner summer house

This one provides simple and practical use of a garden corner, making it perfect for small gardens, where the space is limited. The matching patio gives the impression that the room extends to the outside and gives you a perfect spot to enjoy alfresco dinners on those long summer nights. (source: Google)

Summer house ideas

08. Contemporary summer house

Who said that squares were boring! This is a very modern approach to a summer house. The use of horizontal joists allows the owners to admire the view while remaining protected from the wind and rain. (source: Google)

Contemporary summer house

09. Mirror, mirror…

Here we have something very clever! Covering your summer house completely with mirrors will make the building disappear, and your garden will look much bigger. (source: Google)

Summer house ideas

10. A home away from home

This has a classic shape, classic colours and plenty of windows to let the light shine through! There is also space at the back for a storage room or a small bathroom. Perfect for when your parents are coming to visit! (source: Google)

Summer house ideas

11. Higher, please

If you are tired of seeing things from the same point of view, this floating summer house idea could be perfect for you! We love the sweet use of unique foundations, and the contrast between the deep rich blue and the creamy buttery colour. (source: online)

summer house ideas

12. Creative curves

Who said your building needs to have straight walls? There’s a futuristic yet organic look to this curvy summer house! (Source: online)

Summer house ideas

13. Extravaganza

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe… or was a tea pot? Beside the fun shape, there is a very nice idea of using straw to build the body of the summer house. We are always on the lookout for these innovative building materials. (source: Google)

unusual summer house

14. The classic one

A Victorian style octagonal shape makes this a very pretty summer house. For a 360-degree view, why not carry on with French windows all the way round? (source: online)

Classic summer house

15. The bee house

This might only be designed for those with a big garden… but isn’t this summer house design great fun? (source: Google)

Contemporary summer house ideas

16. A touch of orient

Sometimes you need a completely different environment to get away from the daily routine to recharge your batteries. The all-aspect windows let you fully immerse yourself in nature, and the external canopy gives you an extra sheltered spot outside. (source: Google)

Oriental summer house

17. Take me away

Have you ever thought about taking your summer house away with you?  We like this idea, and if you fancy what’s literally home away from home, there is nothing holding you back now! (source: Google)

Summer house ideas

18. The doll summer house

Simply delicious! It’s like having a giant doll house in your back garden! Though you might have to fight your children to get a go in it yourself! (source: Google)

Summer house ideas

19. Round house

Once again, this might not be practical for everyone, but if you have a big garden and you like things a bit different, this barrel summer house could be the right one for you! (source: Google)

Garden office ideas

20. The Flintstones summer house

Another house that seems to have grown organically with the surroundings. A room in the garden in which to daydream about living in a different time, far away from the noisy and frantic daily commute. (source: Google)

Summer house ideas