By Ivana Cavallo / 26-01-2018

Bespoke garden rooms – colourful wood paint experiment

After a series of articles looking at the more serious side of garden room planning, such as Can I claim a garden office as a business expenses and How to fund your garden building and 7 garden offices and summer houses planning permission rules to keep in mind I decided it’s high time…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 10-01-2018

Can i claim a garden office as a business expense?

I am sure that if you are one of those people who works from home, the idea of having a garden office must have crossed your mind. A garden office would allow you to separate home from work, finally eliminating all those small interruptions of family life so it would be easier to concentrate on the task in hand. Plus, […]

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By Ivana Cavallo / 19-12-2017

Is bespoke design expensive?

In these blogs and throughout this website, you’ll have seen the word ‘bespoke’ plenty of time: ‘bespoke garden office’, ‘bespoke summer house’, ‘bespoke design’… Everyone understands what the word ‘bespoke’ means…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 11-11-2017

How to fund your garden office

Adding a garden office or a general use garden room (a garden gym? A room for meditation? Somewhere where occasional guests can stay overnight?) will affect your…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 25-10-2017

Path ideas for your garden office and summer house

If you are thinking about adding a room in your garden, no matter if it’s a summer house, a garden office or a play house for your children, you will need to have a garden path to reach it in a …

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By Ivana Cavallo / 13-10-2017

Garden room: 20 great architecture ideas to be inspired by

Imagination. It’s a tricky old thing, isn’t it? Sometimes it can put a thought in our heads that we just can’t shake out, and we’re pretty sure is…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 07-10-2017

Is building a storage room, a summer house or a garden office a cost or an investment?

There is no denying it; building a summer house, a garden office or a storage room in your garden will affect your bank balance. But is this simply a cost, or it can be considered an investment? Could the addition of…

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By Ivana Cavallo / 10-09-2017

7 garden office or summer house planning permission rules to keep in mind

When my husband and I had the idea of starting a bespoke summer house and garden office company, the first thing we did was to…

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